Author Services

Need a manuscript critiqued? Need a writing mentor or editor? A book review? I offer services for pretty much whatever you may need, all at very reasonable and competitive prices!

  • Full Manuscript Critique - $100. 
  • Full Manuscript Edit - Submit for an estimate. Usually between $100-350, depending on the length of the manuscript and estimated time it will take to edit.
  • Book Review - $25. Includes PDF review for your benefit and publication on my blog and all major retailers. I will only do positive reviews (3 Stars and up). If I cannot do a positive review (judging by content), I will not accept the book.
  • Publicity Campaign - $35. Advertising for your book will go out on Google+, my newsletter, and on my blog. 
  • Chapter Critique - $25.
  • Press Release - $30. A professional written press release. I will send it to you for your benefit, publish it online, and publish it my blog and Google+.
  • Website - $250. I will set a website up for you according to your directions. I include two rounds of corrections and one consultation to show you how to take it over for updates. 
  • Publisher Options Consultations - $50. Advice and explanations on how various publishing houses work and which one is best for you. Two consultations. 
  • Monthly Mentoring Program - $50 per month. Unlimited consultations, critiques, question/answer, encouragement, check-ins, accountability, etc. 

Have questions? Didn't see a service you need? Contact me at I'd be very happy to serve you!


  1. Saving this page to my Favorites. If I ever finish my book would love to have it critiqued. I will only write Christian Fiction. My friends I don't trust to be honest. They might be afraid of hurting my feelings. I did
    come in 2nd in first chapter at Moonlight & Magnolias Editors critique. So glad I found your page through FB.

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