Sunday, January 7, 2018

It's Giveaway Time! (+My Crazy Adventure.)


It has been a crazy week. Crazy as in, I have been super, duper disciplined and organized. I've been writing every day, reading every day, keeping a spotless house--you get the idea.

So maybe I've been a little addicted to my new planner. Maybe. Just a little.

I wonder if God wanted to remind me that life doesn't always happen according to plan. 

So, around lunch time, we discovered a red tailed hawk on our porch! And he had what appeared to us to be a broken wing. 

I immediately got on the phone with every. single. proper. person to call for wildlife emergency. Including the police. Including the zoo. After about an hour of voicemails and being given a trail of different numbers to call, I finally got ahold of a raptor rehabilitation worker. (Okay, just for the record, I think it's really sad that this is a federally protected bird, yet, I couldn't get ahold of ANYONE to come take care of it.) 

She told us to capture it. I was a little scared to, because I had just got off the phone with some wildlife person who told me not to get near it, it would claw me, and, as a protected bird, touching it was a grey issue.


So...We attempted to catch it. I bundled up my biggest pink coat with thick pants tucked into my boots and yanked on my leather gloves. Samuel grabbed our dog crate, I grabbed a blanket, and out we went.

Now, we were told that an injured bird could not possibly get far. Right.

First thing the ornery little critter did was run straight into the thick patch of thorns behind our neighbor's house. We spent I don't know how long in the thorns, trying to get it out. It would run one way, Samuel would chase it, I would get stuck in the thorns, my blanket (to throw over the bird) would get wrapped in branches and thorns....

Finally (and I do say FINALLY), our neighbor's huge dogs escaped their fenced in yard. I was scared and started to run but was somewhat stuck in the thorns, so I didn't get far. One of the dogs promptly caught the bird and tried to maul it. Brave Samuel (who was stuck in thorns and they were pricking him the whole time) got the dog off, threw the blanket over the bird, scooped him up, and we ran.

The dogs followed me, of course.

Samuel, being already late for work, put the bird in the dining room and left while I raced around the neighborhood trying to catch the dogs, then tried to alert the neighbors. No success. And I finally abandoned the chase, put the crated bird in my car, and drove to meet the rehab lady (still with wild hair, no makeup, and a pink coat). I discovered that the bird was bleeding, which worried me. I can't believe how many prayers were offered up on its behalf during the fifteen minute drive.

I arrived at City Cafe (our rendezvous point) and gave the bird over amidst the gawking expressions of the all the diners and hotel guests going in and out. My Facebook summary was as follows:

"My perfectly planned Saturday. Oh, my perfectly planned Saturday, gone like a puff of wind. An hour on the phone, calling like 50 numbers for someone to get the injured falcon on our porch. 30 minutes of chasing the ornery little thing through the thickest patch of thorns you can imagine. (And they told me that an injured bird would not be able to get far. ) Finally catching it when the neighbor's beefy dogs escape their fenced in yard and try to maul it. Crating the bird and securing our own two dogs. Racing around the neighborhood after the neighbor dogs and knocking in vain on their door. Finally giving up to go take the bird to a raptor rescue person, who verified that it has a broken and bloody wrist (explaining the blood all over my blanket.) Finally getting home through the Saturday traffic to discover my own rescue dog ate my new pair of shoes. No news on the neighbor dogs. I'm going back to bed and starting this day over..."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... Pumpkin ate my new pair of shoes, which were expressly purchased to replace the former pair that he ate.

I did laugh. And you may too. Because it is better to laugh than to howl, throw one's perfect little planner out the window, and dissolve into tears.

Now to the additional point of this post. Remember I said that I went traipsing to downtown Chattanooga with no makeup and wild hair?

It was most awkward because, just the evening before, I had announced on social media that I am now a Younique Presenter. (Anyone looking at me would not have guessed that in a million years.)

Never the less, to celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway! Everyone loves a giveaway. Freebies are wonderful things--I love them myself.

The awesome giveaway product?

To enter, simply pop over to my new Facebook group, Elegance Defined. 

(The giveaway goes live in my group at 10:30, January 8.)

I do want to welcome you to my Younique makeup group. I'm really excited about this venture into promoting something I love--true beauty, both on the inside and the outside. Our friendship is paramount to me. There is no pressure to buy. If you just join just for the makeup/skincare tips and giveaways or just because you're my friend, I'm honored to have you. Fill up a chunky mug with steamy French Press coffee or a spicy chai--and enjoy the fun!

If you don't want to join the group but still want to shop and support my desire to honor my husband's request to work as a stay-at-home wife (and mother), you can do so HERE. Thank you, sweet friends. Your support and love mean so much to me. I couldn't be an author--and now a Younique presenter--without you.

Have you ever seen a raptor up close? How about Younique? What have you heard and what would you like to try from them?


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