Friday, October 13, 2017

My Review of The Honest Company

This post was written before I became an affiliate. I am now an affiliate; however, these links are not affiliate links. My opinions are my own and I am not paid to leave positive reviews.

A short while ago, I purchased my first Honest Company Bundle. Today, I'm reviewing my purchases for all of y'all who have been interested in signing up or purchasing some of their products. I'm not an affiliate, but I'm definitely a proponent of all-natural, gentle products.

I'm not exactly what some people call a "crunchy mama." I go all-natural where I can and when it's doable and not a strain on our budget. I have a lot of auto-immune problems that have been really eased by the Lord leading me to certain things like high quality essential oils, all-natural cleaning supplies, and a few all-natural skin care supplies. 

When we were first married, I could only afford dollar store cleaning supplies. SO, that is what I used. One year later and the stuff gave me horrible headaches and just became too much. I guess my system had enough. So six months ago, I switched to 99% all-natural. (Yeah, I still use bleach sometimes. But other than that, we're all-natural.)

I've been using Grove and highly recommend them, but you cannot get Honest Co products through them. So I took the plunge and got my first Essentials Bundle. 

My first bundle included the following:

Essentials Bundle

Laundry Detergent
Organic Body Oil
Bar Soap - Tangerine Vanilla
Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer Gel 2 Pack
Shampoo + Body Wash - Perfectly Gentle

I was impressed by all of the products, which is actually saying a lot. I struggle with a lot of all-natural companies, including big names like Burts Bees and Tom's. Their products literally eat my skin, cause rashes, and even make me go numb. So, I don't just buy from any company that is considered natural and I'm definitely a skeptic until a company proves themselves to me.

After all, natural does not always mean safe, gentle, or even for everybody. We all know what works for us as individuals.

With all that said, all of the products I received in my first bundle worked for me. 

Free and Clear Laundry Detergent

The Honest Co also has a baby detergent, but I can't imagine anything being gentler than this! Our clothes clean out fresh, clean, and odor free--even harsh sweat odors were gone. There was no lingering scent of detergent, however. If you are wanting your clothes to come out smelling strong, this is not for you. I personally am happy with the light scent. I hate it when I can smell the brand of someone's detergent when I just walk by them. (Hah, I could tell what brand folks used just by walking by their door at the apartments after they'd done wash. I have a strong sense of smell, folks.)

It's 70 loads for $12.99 if you buy individually. Or, you can bundle and save 35%. I've also seen it for $9 at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, but you may or may not want to run all over town to save $3--especially when there is no guarantee you'll find it there. I'd rather bundle and save. Online shopping is really becoming my thing.

Organic Body Oil

Oh my word, this gets my rave review. Really. You know how some oils are just so slippery and don't absorb and leave you feeling greasy for hours? I was so impressed by this oil!!! I've used it consistently for a month now and the bottle is still 3/4 full. A little goes a long way, yet it absorbs super quickly and gives lasting moisture all day long. My legs are SO soft now that I use it after I shave. I've also used it as a carrier oil for my essential oils, and hubby and I have taken turns giving each other back massages with it (yeah, we're both super into massage!) I just love that it's non greasy and child safe. If my baby ends up having some of the dry skin problems that run in my side of the family, I'm definitely turning to this oil.

Tangerine Vanilla Bar Soap

Soap is soap, right? Well, yes, but then there's all-natural soap. Most homemade or all-natural soap that I've tried just melts away into nothing within a few showers. It's super frustrating when you've paid good money for a bar of soap and it's the size of a nickel after you blink. 

I've used this soap for a month now and I take 1-2 showers a day. It's only about 3/4 gone and smells amazing. The bar is still plenty of big. Apparently, it's triple milled and cold pressed for a bar that lasts forever, but still has lather and still smells good. It's soft and gentle. $5 seems a lot for one bar of soap, but a bar that lasts 2-3 months seems pretty good to me. Sometimes it pays to buy something that will lasts a little longer and has higher quality.

One thing to note: the tangerine vanilla bar has clary sage essential oil in it. I was delighted when I first saw this because I have used clary sage for hormonal support in the past and it works amazingly well! But there is some caution about using clary sage during pregnancy. I don't think the small amount in a bar of soap can do anyone any harm, but it's worth mentioning.

Hand Sanitizer Gel (Lemongrass)

I was happy about this. It came in a two-pack, and I have one in my bathroom and one in my kitchen. I wash my hands a million times a day and sometimes want hand sanitizer to cut back on the amount of washing/drying. This is nothing to write home about other than it's an all-natural hand sanitizer. 

Shampoo + Body Wash (Sweet Orange Vanilla)

This is a dual purpose shower product--shampoo + body wash. I was happy with it for the shampoo purpose, not necessarily the body wash. I needed a good clarifying shampoo thanks to southern humidity and this fit the bill perfectly. It is gentle, but got the job done as far as removing product build up. I like the light scent. 

Now, for those of you who like a good lather, this shampoo has very, very little lather. That actually makes me happy, because lather in a shampoo is just an agent that can actually dry your hair out and add build up. Good shampoos don't generally lather up very much. So it makes me happy because I know that bubbles don't = clean. 

Glass and Window Cleaner

I added to my bundle ('cause you get another percentage off) and purchased some glass cleaner for my mirrors. It worked well. I can't say it's any better than Method or Mrs. Meyers (all of which work very well), but I did LOVE the spray pump. It's definitely the best pump I've seen on an all-natural product.

So there is my review of The Honest Company Essentials Bundle. You can follow my link if you sign up to save me $20 on my next order--and then you can share your own link with your friends and family to save you money!

I am looking forward to trying more products next month! I hope to try their detangling conditioner and all-purpose balm. Who knows? We may end up using their diapers and baby products too. ;)

Have you tried The Honest Company? If so, what were your thoughts? Are you likely to to try them?



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