Sunday, March 5, 2017


Using Social Media...To Strengthen Your Church Body

This is something that has really been on my heart...for years. Hahahah! Ask anybody who really knows me and they will tell you that embracing technology for God's glory is very important to me.

Social media is one of those technological items, so to speak. Let's face it--social media isn't going anywhere. So we should be using it for God's glory. The world is always going to use it for evil, but we as Christians have a tremendous and unique opportunity to use it for God and the gospel. We can even use it to help strengthen our church body, which is what I want to share some thoughts on today. 

Here is my compilation of a few basic ideas to help you use social media for God's glory and to strengthen your church body.

  • Encourage. Post verses or encouraging Christian quotes. In a sea of ads, memes with little to no eternal value, and sometimes garbage, it is SO encouraging to have that friend who posts encouragement.
  • Check-In To Church. Check in to church on Sunday and during mid-week meetings. Your enthusiasm to worship and meet with fellow believers may just spark an interest in someone who has been out of church for a while. Don't think of it as shallow. Your social media page is an expression of you. Your heart for God and church should be reflected by it.
  • Post a Quote From Your Pastor/Share the Live Stream. This can be a great way to share what you've learned before you forget it! It can also be a blessing to someone who missed church for one reason or another. It can also be a great conversation starter to invite a friend to church!
  • Stay Connected. Let's face it. Church activities, different classes, different ministries, etc. can keep us so busy that we may have little time to actually catch up with everybody at church! Social media is not as personal as in-person conversations, true, but life isn't perfect. We can use social media to share our daily happenings and/or interests to stay connected with folks in the church. 
  • Pray For One Another. Use messenger or even posts to stay on top of prayer requests. Be sure to actually pray for the prayer requests you receive. Social media is a great way to stay connected for prayer. We're not perfect. We're humans who sin, make mistakes, have bad days, and need help. It's okay to message someone for prayer. It's okay to be real during the week. No one wants to just see the flawless Sunday you. True friendships--especially Church relationships--are built on being vulnerable, real, and honest. 
  • Post Helpful Articles. Life is messy. Sometimes we need helpful articles for our Christian walk. It's good to do some reading every day. So why not post articles from Christian or Bible-based world views that will encourage, exhort, challenge, or warn? Just be sure to share the truth in love. 
  • Share About or Photos of Church Events. Share the love! Have a special event coming up at church? Share it! Had a great time at that event? Share the photos! Church is FAMILY. Families talk about get-togethers and share photos of those special times. 

So there you have it. What are your top tips for using social media to strengthen your church body?


  1. I really appreciated this post, Alicia, and I share your vision for using social media to encourage the Body of Christ. Lately I've been more intentional with prayer requests--I haven't quite figured out a prayer journal system that works for me, so I put them into Google Calendar and set them up (just once, or a few times a week, whatever the situation warrants)to receive notifications. I find I remember a lot better that way. I'll use Facebook Messenger to "check-in" on people and see how they are.

    I also love to see photos of books being read, verses being studied, art being created that's been inspired by God's Word. They're pretty powerful for me.

    ~Krista Mc

    1. I am so glad! :) Wow, Google Calendar sounds like an incredible way to keep track of everyone! What a good idea! I use FB messenger too. Blessings and thank you for stopping by!


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