Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Is In the Air!

Spring is in the air!

I'm finally getting around to updating this blog with photos of all that's kept us having fun lately! I've been soooooo very busy and I fear this poor little blog gets neglected sometimes. But, hey, I'm on here today!

I love Bass Pro Shops. I love, love, love Bass Pro Shops. Hahahah! Nothing else gets me more in the mood for camping, hiking, and picnics! Plus, the store is just so fun to go through. You go to shop...and get chased by a bear or have your hand eaten by a bass. ;)

Our international banquet was so much fun! I wore my scarf from India and had so much fun doing it.

The weather around here has been so interesting. My first spring in TN has been very fun. Just getting to experience the tornado watches and the different weather has been an adventure. I'm not used to ANY of it, so I am learning a lot. 

Speaking of weather... I can't have very long hair here. It's too humid, hahah! So I cut more off for an easier hairstyle. Although, I still seem to wear a hat a lot...

Meraki Box continues to keep me busy. Aren't these spring erasers adorable?! I kind of want one for myself!

We went hiking on the Cumberland Trail with a friend from church and our associate pastor. Yeah, I was the only gal to go. But I made up for it by gushing over all the flowers. ;) You know -- keeping things girly. 

We went about 6 miles, which was not too bad. It was a fairly easy hike, except for the fact that I wore my toning tennis shoes (mistake) and couldn't walk the day after. Hahah!

So, we do the whole Dollar Shave Club thing. You can check it out HERE. Anyway, they have this amazing shave butter stuff. I tried to recreate it. Haha. Well, hubby didn't find that it worked for him (cough, cough), but man do I love it. It's great for legs. Maybe just not far faces. It was fun to make, anyway. 

A sweet family in our church, the Cochrans, own an amazing furniture store with a collection by Joanna Gaines! I'm telling you, visiting their story was the next best thing to visiting Magnolia Farms. It was so much fun! 

I found just the tea towel I was wanting at Cochrans. So cool, huh?! I think I'm really becoming southern!

Yesterday brought a fun time with my friend Bethany at the Mean Bean Cafe here in Chattanooga. I had a dirty chai latte for the first time. It was definitely unique. Ever have espresso and chai together?!

Last but not least, my March glam bag is amazing!!! I love ipsy and have so much fun with it. I can't wait to try out the snail cream (yes, actual snail goo) from Paris. 

In addition to all that, church, the ministry, my businesses, Bible studies, and time with friends and my hubby keeps my pretty crazy busy. I'm learning so much from God's Word and am really purposing to try to apply what I learn so I don't get bogged down with head knowledge. God is good. Life is definitely not easy sometimes, but He gives grace. 

What keeps you busy? How are you enjoying your spring?


  1. I just started reading your blog and was interested to see that you live in Chattanooga! My sister and I are planning on taking a road trip there in a few months. Do you have any recommendations for activities/sights?

    1. The bridge and historic carousal at Coolidge Park are fun. There are lots of historic battlefields and great hikes, too. :)

    2. Thanks Alicia! We'll have to check those out!


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