Monday, February 20, 2017

Visit to NM

We had a blast on our mini-trip to NM! If you follow me on Instagram and FB, you've already seen a lot of photos, but here is the compilation for those of you who are into reading this blog.

Our baby stayed with his TN grandparents, who so sweetly took care of him and sent me adorable updates. I missed him, but I know he had an amazing time with them! 

We took the traditional airport selfie. Have I mentioned how much I HATE flying?! I always get patted down, security makes me nervous, the motion makes me sick, and I don't know why I trick myself into trying out the airline coffee. I swear they just color the warm water with brown markers. is the fastest way to travel when you've got 1400 miles to go. So I deal with it all.

It was so lovely to see everyone. We had such a warm welcome! Happy sigh. There is nothing that says home quite so much as being picked up by your family. 

We were reunited with the Blodgetts (Lydia and Nick) on Sunday. And I got to hold Rachael during Sunday School! Not gonna lie. Who could concentrate on Sunday School when you're holding your niece for the first time in six months!?

A family reunited. 

It snowed on Monday, which made me happy, happy, happy! I had been praying for snow! We have not seen any here in TN. Just seeing all the white and feeling the cold was so refreshing! 

A dear friend from church was in town the same time as us (how fun is that?!) and we went out to breakfast with her. 

Monday was our first anniversary, so we celebrated by going to the same restaurant we went to after our wedding! They even gave us the same booth and we had the same food. We were able to go to our same hotel and very same room, too!

Pardon all the baby photos... Never mind. I love all the baby photos!!!

We had a lovely girl's day out shopping! Man, I was exhausted at the end of the day! Hahahah! But I got the booties of my heart's desire for only $10.

The guys went shooting while we shopped. I take it they had fun.

Saying goodbye was so hard!!!

Goodbye, beautiful New Mexico! Until next time!

What Have You Been Up To Lately?


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  1. Hi Alicia, loved the update and all the adorable baby pics:) I know all about flying I am currently in INDIA for two weeks! So thats what I've been up to.:) although flying is not my favoritest thing to do, the 13 hour flight wasn't as bad as I expected:) Please keep up with the blog as I don't have FB or Instagram, feel free to email me too!:)


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