Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Happenings

Long post warning -- with tons of photos!!!

Last week, my amazing friend Rebecca flew in from NM and stayed several beautiful days with us!

We did the typical fun stuff to do around Chattanooga - ride the historic carousal, explore Coolidge Park, and get Italian Ices!

The most exciting part was our little trek to Pigeon Forge! We had a blast exploring The Incredible Christmas Place!!! It was positively...incredible! If you are into Christmas, it is definitely the place to go! 

It was so...delightful! And romantic!


I am so excited by all the super fun ornaments and decorations we purchased! Rebecca even bought us a first Christmas ornament with two little snowman and snowflakes and hot chocolate! So adorable!

We had a blast at Dolly Parton's new Lumberjack Adventure! It was on a decidedly smaller arena scale than Dixie Stampede, but it was super fun with tons of talent, lots of lumberjack adventure, an awesome mill, some real tear-jerking moments, and awesome Christmas spotlights -- such as the real meaning of Christmas (Jesus), sparkling elves who danced key moments from the Nutcracker (swoon) and a slang-bang finish! 

We got to go shopping -- a favorite activity we always enjoyed together back in NM. Of course we had to visit my happy place - Bath and Body Works. :)

Rebecca made us take this in-store photo. Oh, wait. There were no objections. ;) 

It was hard to say goodbye to Rebecca. But she left us with lots of fun memories and this awesome little Gingerbread Latte lotion. I am so in love with the new holiday tea from Teavena and my birthday gift from Sephora. Seriously. That lipstick is amazing...

(You did know that you can get a birthday gift from Sephora, right?)

Speaking of birthday... I turned 25 the day before Thanksgiving! Sheesh, I am getting SO old. But it was worth it. Not only did I receive many, many sweet wishes from my friends all around the world (looking at y'all who represented India, Cambodia, Philippines, USA, Canada, and England), but my hubby made it such a special day. It was strange and hard without my family since this is my first year without them, but I cannot get over how thoroughly Samuel spoiled me.

From breakfast in bed to watching a tear jerking Christmas movie to chicken marsala and tiramisu at Olive Garden, Samuel made my birthday very, very special. He even made me a cake, picked out the most amazing peanut butter cup ice cream, and brought me lilies. And he bought me the coat of my dreams, boatloads of chocolate, and the sweet singing Christmas cardinal I really, really wanted from Cracker Barrel. He is the best. I feel so very blessed and loved. 

Which brings us to our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. It was a holiday of firsts - first away from my family for the holidays, first as a married couple, first in Chattanooga, and first working at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission. 

I am just so proud of all hubby's hard work at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission. All of the staff and volunteers were amazing, but this handsome man is my favorite. I am so blessed to be married to a man who works his entire Thanksgiving day and night to honor God's call. Not a whole lot of men would give up all their holidays to serve others. The best part is, he works super hard all the time -- Thanksgiving or not -- to make all of the shelter guests feel welcome and be well fed. I really do believe I have the best husband in the whole wide world.

Please, share in the comments about your Thanksgiving and the joys the Lord has brought into your life lately.

I hope y'all had a very blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. You are your husband are so sweet! I love hearing about all the sweet things he does for you :)


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