Thursday, September 1, 2016

Adventures in...Tennessee!

As you know if you have been following me on Facebook... We've moved! To Tennessee! My hubby has a new job and ministerial training here, and we've had such an emotional roller coaster with goodbyes (I'm the first girl out of my family to move out of the state) and getting settled into our new home!

Here is an excerpt from my Facebook diary...

"I've lived here in TN for one week. One exciting, terrifying week, in which I've been over-the-top welcomed and blessed by the sweetest people ever, survived without green chile (I am barely hanging on to dear life, people), ate pizza that was not Dions (apparently Dominoes do exist), and discovered I need a translator. 'Cause, bless your hearts, I can't understand a word y'all is sayin'! I also discovered I need to stop pronouncing all street names in Spanish. It's been great! I can't wait to see what the next week holds!" --excerpt from The Diary of a Transplanted New Mexican.

Samuel and I went exploring! We had a great deal of fun checking out the water front and historical points!

Cool walking bridge, no?

Dreamy sigh... From me. Moving on...

This was SO not one of my better picture days. But, here I am, in front of the camera for the usual social media documentation and the like. 

Green. Water. Oh, the bliss...

And, we discovered the historical carousal with the hand-carved animals. This was Samuel's very first time on a carousal. Oh, the terror. Seriously, though, despite riding a fish away from a hungry-looking ostrich, he did pretty well.

Doesn't everybody high-five a statue?

My man with a lion at the fountain. Epic.

I felt all Norman Rockwell-ish with this shot. I don't know. The boat, the bridge, the water, the hill *cough, cough, er, mountain*, etc...

In other news, our apartment is so beautiful! And decorations are coming along quite well! More photos coming soon. And possibly a video of our little place!

And...drum is the latest pic of her highness, my beautiful niece!

Until next time! What has been keeping y'all busy?


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