Friday, July 1, 2016

Modesty Matters - Featuring Julianne Daniel

Thank you, ladies, for being here today! I'm excited about the giveaways, about the message of this event. Today is the last day - enjoy!

Hey there everyone!
My name is Julianne Daniel. I am 24 years old. I'm originally from Gulfport, Mississippi but am now living in New Mexico with my wonderful husband, two dogs, and our growing first baby on the way.
I have chosen three outfits that I love! I am very frugal and rarely spend money on clothing. When I say frugal, I mean it! All these items were either clearance, thrifted, given, or bought for me! That's what makes fashion so exciting! I will never pay full price for a skirt or dress unless it's a super special occasion. Okay, never! Lol I love to make new outfits out of the clothes I already have!

Recently, I've been in a floral/ bright color mood since it's getting so warm outside, but typically, I love to stick with neutral, classic items that can be worn forever.
My first outfit is a dress that was given to me. I paired it with a thrifted cardigan and my shoes were a gift. I love frilly, feminine dresses!

My second outfit is a floral dress I bought from Burlington for $6. It had these extremely high slits for no reason. (All the way to my arm pit!) So I had a very talented friend add some t-shirt material and lace so it would be modest.

My third outfit is more casual. I have been wanting a crocheted skirt for a while now, and I finally found one at a department store back at home called Belk. I just put it with a simple t-shirt and Walmart sandals!
Modest clothing doesn't always have to be super expensive and it's very doable. With patience and a love for the Lord it comes easy to those that have an open heart and good attitude about their relationship with Christ. When I get dressed I ask myself, "What associates me more with Christ?" Then, I choose my outfit. Stay classy ladies!

Much love,
Julianne Daniel

Thank you, Julianne, for your lovely outfits and words! We appreciate you so much!

Now for our very last giveaway! (And, don't forget, you can go back and enter all the previous giveaways too!)

Welcome Cathy!

My name is Cathy Sandiford. I am a graduate of Hyles Anderson College. I host a radio show called The Teacher's Key through Janice Wolfe's show Eleven2one on Faith Music Radio. I have taught in one capacity or another for 27 years. The last 8 years have been dedicated to students with special needs. The last of my own children just graduated from high school and I will be changing focus in my life. One new focus is SeneGence. It is a long lasting make up that stays on until you take it off! I am looking forward to a change of pace as I age gracefully.

The giveaway is one of these lovely lip products, with the winner's choice of color!

To enter, please visit Cathy's website! Leave a comment here stating your favorite SeneGence product!

For a second entry, you can join Cathy's Facebook group! Leave a comment here stating your username.

For a third entry, you can share Cathy's Facebook group with others! Leave a comment here stating you have done so.

For a fourth entry, you can like my Facebook fan page. Leave a comment here stating your username.

One lucky winner will be selected using a random number generator from the comments section. Winners of all contests from Say Yes to the Modest Dress will be announced next week at one time here on the blog. Please, no international entries due to exorbitant shipping costs. We're sorry! 


  1. Thank you for having this event Alicia! I've enjoyed these weeks of modest fashion (and the giveaways of course!). So encouraging to see the ways various ladies are working to honor Christ through their fashion choices. 😀

  2. I've not always been the best at dressing 'modern', but seeing so all your lovely outfits has inspired me to branch out a little! Visited her website, loved the brown mascara!

  3. I've not always been the best at dressing 'modern', but seeing so all your lovely outfits has inspired me to branch out a little! Visited her website, loved the brown mascara!

  4. I'd say I like the LipSense and Collagen Night Pack the best.

  5. I added myself to her FB Group as Maellen Blodgett. :-)

  6. I shared her FB Group on my page.

  7. Ha! I liked your FB Fan Page long ago!! Maellen Blodgett :-D

  8. Elizabeth WilliamsJuly 2, 2016 at 11:08 AM

    I'm with you on never paying full price for anything! All of my clothes are either thrifted, clearance, or gifts. The Lord has really blessed me!


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