Thursday, June 16, 2016

Say Yes to the Modest Dress - Featuring Alicia Jones

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Today, we're welcoming... Oh, wait. Today, I am sharing my own wedding pictures and a few of my own thoughts! In case you are confused, Jones is my married name. Willis is my maiden and author pen name.

I was very blessed to find my dress at David's Bridal. As all of the dresses were pretty much sleeveless, we went with the option of a lace jacket. I fell in love with the medieval-like style of the dress and absolutely adored all of the bead-work. It reminded me slightly of Kate Middleton's wedding dress (except with a higher front). How could I resist?! 


I wanted to be modest on my wedding day primarily because my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I am bought with a price. My body is not my own, and I feel that Scripture indicates many standards as far as what is (or is not) acceptable as far as dress goes. 

I also really, really wanted to give the gift of my self to my husband. I wanted it to be a whole, complete gift - not one that I had been flaunting to others. But it was an easy choice. It is entirely possible and actually easy to be classy, stylish, modern, and still modest.

My husband has often said that he feels very, very special. I have always dressed modestly (following what the Lord laid on my heart for my own personal standards) and have kept myself for my husband. (He did the same for me - he has personal modesty standards too!) Purity in marriage is a gift that is made even sweeter when both spouses have been careful about avoiding flaunting their bodies to people who do not have a right to view it. 

I wanted a pure white dress, as did Samuel. While off-white, cream, or even the traditional black used in some other countries are not wrong; the white just happened to symbolize all that I had been waiting to give my husband. For me, it symbolized the long years of waiting, praying, and the gift of purity and loyalty we were giving each other. 

I was blessed by my fabulous bridesmaids. They all looked so lovely. They really proved that a woman can be stylish, modern, classy, and still honor the Lord. That was something I really loved about my wedding. My attendants, mom, and I were all dressed modestly - but we individually embraced the form God gave each of us as women and were able to wear (in my mind) lovely, fashionable dresses. I was able to customize the colors through K Couture - and the dresses were super affordable! And they were a super helpful company!

I'll leave y'all with one thought. So many girls are tempted to lower their standards on their wedding day. Bare shoulders and very exposed chests/bust-lines are all the rage right now. But please let me encourage you girls who are planning a wedding (now or one day in the future) to do your best to honor God. Everyone has differences in conviction on what is modest and what is not. Yet, let me assure you that you can be absolutely stunning on your wedding day without revealing parts of you that are only meant for your husband. If there is any part of you that you would not want another woman flaunting at your man, then please honor God by setting the standard with yourself. You don't have to cheapen yourself to be beautiful. 

The King's daughter is all glorious within. As daughters of the King, we have a responsibility to honor Christ by dressing in a manner that best represents Him! We're princesses - and true princesses do not lower their dignity. True, gracious, ladylike modesty is a gift to ourselves as well as to Him. 

Please welcome Jessica Tero of Par La Grace!

(Okay, at this point, I am insanely jealous of all you ladies who get to enter these amazing giveaways!!!) Jessica's shop and products are absolutely amazing!!! If I were you, I'd bookmark or pin some of her things just so you can have them for future gifts (for yourself or others!)

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  1. Your dress was absolutely stunning, I'm in love with the jacket! All the pics are so cute ^_^ visited her website, liked the FB page (User name Amber Ossewaarde), and my absolute favorite from her etsy shop is the 'you have my whole heart for my whole life' sign.

    1. Awww, thanks! Me too. I specifically asked my hubby if we could go out to eat after the wedding so I could wear my dress somewhere! :)

  2. Your wedding was beautiful! I really like Jessica's work. I will definitely be visiting her website again for gifts in the future!

  3. I have liked Jessica's Facebook page and my username is Julie Bolagh.

  4. It was hard to pick a favorite but I will be ordering this Joshua 24:15 sign for my home once we are done remodeling!

  5. I've liked your page for a while. :D

    Good was a beautiful day and you were stunning and modest all in one! Thanks for the encouragement that beautiful can be done with modesty in mind! <3

  6. Me again ; ) I shared one of your posts. User name Julie Bolagh.

  7. I visited Jessica's website, FB page, and Etsy shop- I seriously LOVE everything! The signs are awesome�� One of my favs is, "In Christ alone, my hope is found." Also liked your page:)

  8. Your dress was so beautiful, Alicia! :-)

    I visited Jessica's website (and pinned an image). :-)

  9. I liked Jessica's page on Facebook (Stacey Bradshaw).

  10. It was hard to pick a favorite from Jessica's Etsy shop, but I would love to give my future husband a sign like this one day: :-)

  11. I visited the etsy and the website. I had already liked both Jessica's and your facebook pages, and I'm going to leave it like that because I'm not sure what you mean by 'book posts'. :)

  12. I love the lace sleeves on your dress, Alicia - the beauty of the Lord shines through you. :-)

    I visited Jessica's Etsy page - such lovely items! I like the "bushel and a peck" sign. So sweet! I also liked her FB page.

  13. I liked her FB page. Cathy Walters Sandiford

  14. I visited her website. Cathy Walters Sandiford

  15. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Especially the one with the mirror and the one with all the bouquets! I visited the Etsy shop and these products are cool! And everything you have written here should be so encouraging to those not yet married. You are spot on!!!

  16. I'm really loving this series! Your dress was really pretty, and that's awesome that you were able to get it from David's Bridal! Normally I don't like the jackets, but yours is super cute! I love the sheer lace sleeves :)

  17. That picture with all your bouquets together looking like a wreath. So beautiful. And I really like the vibe of the retro signs behind you guys in the pictures.

    In other news, I visited her website (and her Pinterest for some pinning). Cute things!

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  19. Visited the website and liked on FB. Beautiful signs!


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