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Say Yes to the Modest Dress - Featuring Naomi Shull

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Welcome Naomi Shull, one of my dear friends and a bridesmaid at my wedding! I was blessed to attend and play music for Naomi's wedding about six months before my own. She is such a precious lady!

Wow. Naomi is just perfection! I LOVED her dress. 

And, this was another summer wedding (August) in which all of the bridesmaids were modest and absolutely gorgeous. 

Naomi wrote a few words on modesty and why it was important for her to be modest on her wedding day. Enjoy! (Oh, and the photos of her and Randy are absolutely adorable.)
Growing up in a Christian home, dressing modestly was never an option for me.   But to be totally honest, I didn’t always understand why it was so important.  I had those days of questioning, and yes, I sometimes balked at the thought of honoring my parents’ principles of modest dress.  After all, it wasn’t always the cool thing to do, especially as a teen-ager.   I’ll never forget conversations on dress I had with my parents that started with my questioning, “Why…”.  And I’ll never forget how they lovingly took time to explain the whys and teach me Biblical principles.  It was a slow journey as modesty became my personal choice – not just my parents’ request.   However, I wouldn’t trade the lessons God taught me on that journey for anything.

When I was a young teen-ager, I began praying that God would guard the eyes and minds of my brothers, my Christian brothers, and my future husband.  I still can’t comprehend the enormity of the battle that they face on a daily basis. The war for their eyes is constant. They face attack when they walk through the store, when they drive down the road, when they go to work…and sometimes, even when they walk through the doors of the church.  After I began praying that God would guard my future husband’s eyes, I realized it was hypocritical for me to pray one way, and then dress in a way that would be a stumbling block to my brothers in Christ. The relationship and fellowship between brothers and sisters in Christ is an amazing treasure.  I want to be able to talk and fellowship with my Christian family without the embarrassment of realizing a guy has to avert his gaze every time I walk into the room.  Even further, the relationship I share with my husband is a treasure.  My body is something I want to save for him alone – not for every other guy that sees me walk past.  And honestly, I don’t want other women dressing to try to get his attention.    

Nearly every time I walk through the check-out line at the store, my heart breaks.  Indecent pictures plastered on the front of magazines scream for attention.  Their loud shouts of sensuality draw the eyes of almost every man and woman walking by.  The men look because it gives them temporary pleasure.  The women look because they aren’t satisfied with their own bodies and long to look more like that body in the picture.   Satan has taken these sacred treasures – a woman’s body, and a man’s visual attraction to a woman’s body – and has twisted them, corrupting minds and hearts.  Sadly, he has planted a lie that has sprouted like a weed throughout our culture, wrapping its roots around our very beings.  And, no, Christians are not immune to its infiltration. The lie that Satan is whispering? That my body is a marketing device.  That I have to dress sensually to prove my self-worth.  That my identity is wrapped up in how I look.

 The truth? My body is already a treasure! I don’t need to market it and expose it for the world to see.  My self-worth isn’t wrapped up in how sensually I can dress.  Instead my identity is wrapped up in who Christ has made me to be.  I think of the temples described in the Old Testament, built to glorify God.  They were full of jewels and gold and fine weavings.  Everything in them was the purest and best quality.  Then I think of how God said that He made my body the temple of the Holy Ghost.  What a precious thought that God would fashion me in a fearful and wonderful way, built for His glory.  When I finally began to realize what a treasure my body truly is, my concept of modest apparel completely changed.  It became a blessing, rather than a duty, to wear clothes that protected this treasure God gave to me.
 When I think of Christ’s sacrifice for me, His love, and His grace in my life, I am reminded what a treasure my Jesus is.  When Jesus saved me, He changed me and gave me a new identity in Him. II Corinthians 5:17 tells us, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature…” God adopted me and made me His heir.  Now, I am a daughter of the King of kings.  It doesn’t matter what my past was; my future is with Christ.  Because of all He has done for me, my desire is to identify myself with Him.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the question, “Excuse me, are you a Christian?” I’ve heard it in the store, in parking lots, at a community college, in restaurants, on vacation – just about everywhere.  I’ve been asked by the old, middle-aged, young, men, and women.  My response?  “Yes, I am!  How did you know?”   And it never fails that I hear, “I thought you probably were because of how you are dressed.  I really appreciate women who dress like you.  It is so refreshing!”  That question opens an amazing door for me to tell others about the Christ who changed my life and made me a new creation in Him.    My identity is wrapped up in Jesus.  Why should I want to identify with anyone other than Him after all He has done for me?   It absolutely thrills me that I can show the world around me what a treasure my Jesus is through the way I dress, that I can boldly identify myself as a Christian no matter where I am, that I can choose to let my light shine so that those around me glorify my Father.  Yes, my Jesus is a treasure - and I want the world to know.

So, summing up my choice to dress modestly, I would give these three reasons: my husband is a treasure, my body is a treasure, and my Jesus is a treasure.  Why would I want to dress any other way?
Thank you, Naomi, for being with us on the blog and sharing both your thought and your absolutely lovely wedding photos!

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