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Say Yes to the Modest Dress - Featuring Anna Winstead and Joellen Walden

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Hey, guys! Today we have a double feature! Yay! Keep on entering the giveaways and sharing the love!

Let's welcome Anna Winstead! I knew Anna super well when we were children. I moved about an hour away when I was around 9. Now, with my sister living back in Rio Rancho, I occaisonally get to go back to my childhood church and get to see all my old friends - like Anna! It's such a blessing to have godly friends all around the state!

Please welcome another beautiful bride!

Hello to all you lovely ladies! My name is Anna Winstead and I will be sharing with you a little bit about my wedding and the hows and whys of choosing a modest dress for such an important day! I am so excited for this opportunity, and that you are here to learn more. I pray that God will use these posts to shed some light on what He would have for our lives as Christian ladies.
I grew up in a pastor’s home in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. From the time I was young, I had a godly mother who taught me not only how to be modest but also why we do it. She led by example showing me that we choose to be modest to honor and obey God and not for showmanship or approval of others. After graduating from high school, I headed off to Bible College, and it was there I met Josh, my future husband! We started dating and 3 years later, we were engaged, and I was planning a wedding! This brings me to my topic today: my planning of a modest, God-pleasing wedding!
One’s wedding day is said to be a day all about the bride. It’s supposed to be a day in which the bride can get whatever she wants, and everyone must gush about her beauty and wait on her hand and foot. Magazines portray an unbelievably unrealistic perfection of the whole wedding industry, and girls are all made to think that anything is acceptable as long as it is prefaced with “It’s my wedding.” While I do wholeheartedly believe the wedding day should be a day to forever be remembered, selfish thinking can make the bride forget about pleasing God for the day and choose to only please herself. God places a big focus on marriage. He speaks numerous times in His Word about the relationship of husband and wife. He even likens His relationship with the church to that of a marriage and a bride and groom. With all this importance placed upon a husband and wife, I strongly believe a wedding day should be cherished! It should be special and beautiful! Above all though, I strongly believe it should be a day pleasing to God. I would encourage any bride to see her wedding day not as a day to throw out what she has learned to be right, but to remember it is right and very possible to be modest when she walks down that aisle!
In this day we live in, it is more difficult to find a wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses that are modest, but it is not impossible by any means! I loved every single thing about my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses! I got the exact styles I had always envisioned! I sacrificed nothing but gained the peace of knowing I could forever look back on that day with complete joy that God was honored. I got my dress from a site called simplyelegantforyou. This was a site created by a mom who was bothered by the lack of modest options for her daughter. I felt so secure using this site, and the lady who owns it was so helpful! And it wasn’t shipping from China! My bridesmaid dresses were not from an actual site for weddings. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that as soon as you specify on any search engine that you are looking for something wedding related the price at least doubles! So I started to just search for the dresses by what I wanted them to look like. I finally found the perfect navy maxi dresses from a site called Again, this is not a wedding site but it worked for me!

All in all, weddings can be stressful and at times I just wanted to elope! However, in the end, I am so happy with my decisions, especially all the dresses! I can honestly say the dresses were one of my favorite parts! Although the look on my husband’s face when I walked out in the dress might have them beat!

 Thank you, Anna! (And, yes, I totally get her about the wanting to elope thing. Weddings are stressful!) 

Let's welcome Joellen Walden! 

I knew Joellen's husband, David, for many years. And I was/am super good friends with the Walden family. We attended the same church for many years. And I was super excited when David announced that he was getting married!

I believe I first met Joellen at Heartland Baptist Bible College, when I went up for the graduation. Of course, I loved Joellen immediately. :) We've been friends ever since! I played music in her wedding and she sang in mine!

Dressing modestly was something my mother started teaching me to do at a very young age through her example and instruction. However, when I graduated high school I realized that it was time to decide for myself what my standards in dress were. Always turn to God for your standards!

God's instruction can never be wrong right? In 1 Timothy 2:9-10 it was so clear what My first impression to others should be like. They should see me as a vessel of God, willing and doing His work for His glory! I didn't want anything to distract from that with the way I wore my clothes! God has opened so many doors for me to witness to others through the way I dress.
When it came down to my wedding day I knew I could not compromise my standards. I felt so beautiful and lovely on the day of my wedding. Modest has never been meant to hide your femininity, but to reveal your dignity and point to the Lord.

Thank you, ladies, for your beautiful photos and words! 

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