Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Modesty Matters - Featuring Lydia Blodgett (Maternity Modesty!)

Today, we have a special treat to have my sister sharing about maternity modesty! And, guess what?! Little Rachael Annalise is here! Be sure to check out the "finished product" at the end! ;)

Hi, there! My name is Lydia Christine Blodgett and I’m thrilled to get to share with you a little bit about myself and the reasons I think modesty matters! I live in ABQ, N.M. in a beautiful apartment next to the Rio Grande River. I was blessed to marry the love of my life and best friend Nicholas last July and we are now expecting our first baby! Our precious little girl is due any day now and I am excited to start on the new adventure of motherhood. With this in mind, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on modesty!
So pregnancy has been hard, I mean like the hardest thing I’ve ever done! You read all the time about how it’s so important to take the extra effort to be beautiful for your husband…but when you’re constantly throwing up, nauseated and dizzy who could possibly even suggest the idea of staying stylish and attractive??!! And let’s not even mention stretch marks galore, 35 extra pounds, a massive belly and raging hormones. All this adds up to making you feel more like a bloated orangutan and definitely NOT the attractive preggo women you see in the magazines! But this said…it is SO important to still try and be attractive for your husband and to try in the best way possible to modestly embrace the curves that pregnancy brings.
Even on your worst days…try to put a little makeup on, take advantage of your changing figure by experimenting with long maxi dresses, fitted T-shirts with a little bling…maybe a new shade of lipstick or perfume? Remaining modest while pregnant is probably the hardest as everything is oh, SO uncomfortable! But remember that modest matters – ALL the time! I believe that we as Christian women should stand out in this world, whether we’re pregnant or not. When we dress modestly, we show the world that we are different. 

And it’s also so important to remain feminine! I have seen so many girls in their quest for modesty, to end up dressing frumpy or look masculine, despite the skirt they have on. Modest is NOT frumpy and baggy – God gave us women curves and a figure for a reason. We are not to hide our figure, but to embrace it in a modest, God-honoring way. Being modest is more than wearing a skirt – it is dressing different than a man. Could we trade out our T-shirts for what our husbands wear, and it not make a difference? Being modest is also a matter of the heart – do we portray a meek and quiet spirit? Are we gracious and kind? (Even when you already feel like a whale and that nice old lady pinches your belly and remarks that you are huge enough to be having twins?) Because people will notice your character way before they will notice what you are wearing!
So remember…modesty isn’t a matter of choice, but it’s a responsibility that we as Christians are called to. When you profess the name of Jesus, make sure that you are honoring him in everything – even your clothes! And as a side not for preggo mommas….Ross has some great deals on adorable maternity clothes, FYI!!! 
Drum roll please....

Baby Rachael is too, too precious! I'm in love...and so are mommy and daddy! Thanks for being here today, Lydia!

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  1. Visited the Jamberry site!
    I found myself more drawn to the delicate designs like Picnic Party, Pixie, and Rose Quartz Chevron. Dainty and pink! But I'm not always in a light pink mood. So I liked that there was a large variety of styles for different types of ladies and different moods!
    And of course the Patriotic ones (not just for America, although she was well represented with at least four different sets). Independence Day is coming up! Time to be boldly red, white, and blue!

  2. Don't have Facebook, so I shared your book post on G+. Already follow you on there, that's how I found out about this event!

  3. Love your thoughts, Lydia! Such a good word from the heart.

  4. I visited the website and I love all of the pink wraps!! The lightly floral ones are really pretty. I've worn Jamberry nails before and they are GREAT!!!

  5. Your baby bump was so cute, but little Rachael is adorable! Visited the website, was drawn to the more classic, feminine wraps

  6. Liked Sarah's FB page (Amber Ossewaarde)


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