Saturday, May 14, 2016

To Have and To Hold...

Dear Samuel,

What an amazing three months it has been. 

On our wedding day, I thought that I couldn't possibly love you more. My heart was so full of love for you that I didn't think I could hold another drop.

I was wrong. 

Every day that passes gives me a deeper love than the day before. Sometimes it's passionate; other times it's quiet. All the same, it's a deeper and more wonderful love. 

Thank you for being everything I ever dreamed of - and then some. 

I dreamed of a man who was tall, dark haired, and handsome. I dreamed of a man who served the Lord in the ministry and held high ideals and principles - someone who loved the Lord even more than he would me. I dreamed of a man who was strong, compassionate, and could make me laugh. I dreamed of a man who could sing. God answered all of these dreams by sending me you.

Thank you for your unique ability to make me randomly smile or laugh. Thank you for supporting me in my decisions, in my calling as an author, in everything I undertake. Thanks for listening to me, accepting me, loving me. 

You are an amazing spiritual leader for our family. I learn so much from you - when you preach, when we have devotions, and by your example.

Thank you for standing strong on the things that really matter. Thank you for being honorable, compassionate, godly. Thank you for being a good leader and wonderful example. Thank you for being a hard worker and taking care of your family.

I love your laughter. Your smile. Your eyes. 

I love that you jump into all my crazy ideas - like watching four hours of Emma, randomly doing squats and planks, or driving all the way to Branson (16+ hours) just because it is my favorite spot on earth. 

I love that I open up your Vitamin C bottle just to find it filled with candy...

I love that you write me notes and leave them for me to find.

I love how safe I feel when I am with you. 

I love your strength and your ability to carry me - physically and emotionally. 

I am so grateful for the way you always look out for me and take care of me. 

I love that I can tell you anything and everything...and do. I love that you listen to my problems and care about my concerns. I love that we talk about the craziest subjects on earth. I love that we have so many inside jokes that we practically have our own language. 

I love how much fun we have together.

We have so many common interests and hobbies. I love that you read my books. I love that you share your Greek and your sermons with me. I love that we sing together - in church or whenever I randomly burst into song. 

I love that you love coffee too! And that you learned how to make coffee in a French Press (the right way) just for me! I love that we drink coffee together and that you accept my passion for it without thinking I'm too crazy. 

I love how grateful you are for the little things in life. 

Thank you for being my knight-in-shining-armor, my Hunkules Absoluticus, and my stud muffin. Thank you for

Happy Three Months Anniversary!

Why are you thankful for your spouse? Share in the comments!


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