Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Craziness of Life...

And...the craziness of my life continues. 

I continue to be frustrated that I cannot upload the remainder of the Philippines photos or more wedding photos. The internet here is way too slow. So, I must wait until I go visit my family in about two weeks. Sorry for the wait, guys! I really want to show you the darker side of our visit to the Philippines...

In the mean time, I have been sooo busy. Crazy busy.

We've been having some lovely rain showers. I love waking up to wet, misty, cool mornings here in the mountains! 

Hubby started a new series on Biblical mentorship. I'm rather excited about it! Are we mentoring future leaders or creating followers?

Yeah. This would be my current state in my new workout regime. Oh, it's going well. Working out for me, actually. But why is running soooooo hard?

I am buried in research for my next book! I am so excited. It's going to be far less intense than Grace Triumphant and back to my more-typical family-friendly, lighthearted style. Still, the research is grueling... I cannot wait to let you in on what the book is about!

Hey, and how do y'all like the updates on the blog? Pretty cool, no? I love 'em! Still working on some more updates...

And...I'm taking on more clients! Anyone want a manuscript critique, edit, or proof? How about a mentor?

What's Keeping You Busy?



  1. I haven't had a lot of time to comment recently but I have really enjoyed all the pictures in your recent posts... And as for running... I know what that's like... I just got into it myself ;) although I may skip the jogging and go straight to sprinting... I have no idea why but it seems to be a lot easier for me lol... Keep it up my Dad and brother have been running for awhile and they both say it is so worth it :D

  2. I totally understand the frustration of slow internet connections which is why i don't post much but I love reading your posts and pictures:) With graduation finally behind me i hope to focus more on my health and fitness, so that very well may be me next week!:) Looking forward to the next part of mission Philippines:)


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