Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Family, Life, and Marriage...

The second blog post on Mission Philippines should be coming soon, Lord willing - just as soon as I can get all of the photos edited. Thank you for your patience!

My title is so lame it shouldn't be allowed to exist, but I am a bit too tired and un-creative to think of an alternative. So be it. Moving on...

Two more blog posts should be coming soon, but the internet is slow at my current home and it is hard to upload so many photos. They'll be up sooner or later. In my current state of busyness, blogging has become a luxury...

So, since some of you seem to take an interest in my life, here's all that has been going on. A week ago, Lydia had her baby shower. No pics of the absolutely adorable little bunny I sewed (yes, he really is that cute) or the crocheted blanket I made, but they were fun to make. Lydia and Nick also had their maternity shoot. Adorable, no?!

Beyond helping out at the baby shower, I have been super busy at home. It's amazing how much cleaning, cooking, organizing, and laundry I still do, even though it's only for two people. I enjoy it though. I am blessed to be a stay-at-home-wife. I miss teaching somewhat, but I do enjoy being home and just making it as comfortable and clean as I can for my husband.

I made my first once-a-month shopping trip. Boring, no? Well, it took me four hours to get there and I am learning how to function on a different budget, so it's worth reporting. Right? 

While I was in town, I had fun visiting my family, my grandparents, Lydia, and Nick. It was  also fun to attend Gospel Light Baptist Church and visit all my friends there.

Oh, and did I mention we now have a second vehicle?! The vehicle of my dreams! God is so good. He gave us an amazing deal through my friend Rebecca and we are just so excited! I LOVE it!

Aside from all that, I've just been busy with being a wife. It's incredible how much I fall in love with my husband every day. I thought when I was Samuel's fiancee that it wasn't possible to love him more, but no. I love him more every single day. It's a different sort of love, too. It's more the mundane, the every-day, the treasuring of the little moments. It's the little habits, the little acts of service we do for each other, the conversations. It's the realization that we can't get along without each other and that we need each other for balance, growth, and encouragement. 

I've been having fun with reading, too. My writing is struggling a little bit (mainly due to lack of internet at my house), but reading and reviewing has been good. Here is my latest review. You can find more book reviews by following me on Goodreads!

By the way, I'm currently taking on more clients. If you need an editor, critique, mentor, or a publishing consultation, I'm available! Message me on FB or leave a comment here if you want to get in touch!

Until Next Time...Adios!



  1. Nick and Lydia's maternity pics are beautiful! It must be so exciting to be looking forward to a little niece or nephew:) I noticed the pink booties...Do they know that it is a girl then?

    1. Yes, she's a girl! And due in about 3-4 weeks!


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