Thursday, May 12, 2016

Adventures In...Branson!

For Mother's Day, our family took a mini-vacation! Samuel and I joined the family up in Branson (they left early) to spend two days with them!

First, we went to the Dixie Stampede. We went on our honeymoon, but it was fun to go again with the family. Plus, the show is longer in Branson than it is in Pigeon Forge

(How's that for the #MosePose?!)

 Moses. Was. Amazing!!! This was Samuel's first time seeing a Sight and Sound Theatres production. It was my third. I've seen Joseph, Jonah, and now Moses. Seriously, people, I don't care where you live. Go see it!!! We drove 32+ hours round trip. It is so worth it!

Unfortunately, they don't allow photos, but here is one I got from the internet.

As always, I was so impressed by the music, the historical and Biblical details, the strong gospel message, the epic-ness of the show, the talent...oh, just everything! 

No other show I have ever seen even comes close to the amazing talent and colossal size of Sight and Sound Theatres. They are positively amazing. Everything is as large-as-life - including the parting of the Red Sea! They even use live animals on stage and in the aisles!

Samuel and I were particularly thrilled with the way that they showed the fall of each of Egypt's gods through the plagues, the attention to detail about the Passover, and how they explained Pharaoh's hardened heart. Watch the trailer HERE for more information!

We also swung by the Precious Moments Chapel, which was very beautiful and inspirational. I highly recommend going if you are near Joplin, Springfield, or Branson. It is so lovely, so hushed and reverent, so whimsical and lovely. The entire chapel is painted in murals of Bible stories - all Precious Moments fashion,  of course!

Branson is so awesome. I love that place - even if it is 16 hours away. ;)

What Did You Do Over Mother's Day?



  1. Wow, the Moses show sounds amazing! Thank you for the review. I really appreciate hearing that they went more in depth into how the plagues brought down each of Egypt's gods. And that they went into detail on the Passover. We have several friends who have seen some Sight and Sound Theatres productions. They said they were really good. We only live about four hours from Branson, so I am hoping we can go visit this summer. :)

    1. All three of the shows I've seen were amazing! So rich in Biblical history, detail, doctrine - they are amazing. I hope you can go!

  2. This looks like some awesome family fun! That Moses production looks especially interesting. The addition of live animals on stage seems like it would be really cool! (Albeit maybe a bit hairy for the production crew). Also, I have to say what a beautiful theater that is. It looks like a really nice, old-fashioned venue.


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