Friday, January 15, 2016

Adventure Ahead!

I cannot tell you how hard it is to make time for blogging anymore! With our wedding in one month, I have SO much to do. If anyone is interested in knowing, packing up your entire room is quite the chore. 

Life is keeping me busy... 

Like teaching these kiddos in Sunday School. I only have four more Sundays with them!

Have I mentioned that we have our plane tickets for our trip to the Philippines?! I am excited. And nervous. I have not been on a plane since I was like one years old, so it doesn't count. You can read more details about our trip on our WEBSITE or by following our face book page - JONES FAMILY MINISTRIES. About 50% of our funding has come in, and we are trusting the Lord to provide the rest!

Pardon my quick brag session, but... I simply have to share how very proud I am of this man! He's called to full-time Christian service as a preacher and evangelist, but I love how he's always adding to his skill sets. He's receiving his training as a volunteer fire fighter, and I just couldn't be more proud of him! Now we need a Fireproof bumper sticker or something like that... (Disclaimer: I am posting this picture with permission-under-protest. Someone may or may not be anti-selfies... But what's a girl to do?! I couldn't resist sharing!)

Someone may or may not be anti-selfie... But what's a girl to do?! I can't resist sharing!)

In other news, I received another eShakti dress during their New Year buy-one-get-one-free sale. Did you know they customize the clothing to match your height and modesty preferences?! I requested this dress be made to below-the-knee. And it's super comfy! This is the third dress I've bought from them and I love their personal customization! 

You can get your own eShakti dress HERE! And NEW shoppers get $40 off! Plus, they are always having awesome sales!

On Tuesday, we had a girl's day out that my sister organized. We enjoyed lunch at McAlister's, played detective in Charming Charlies, and had a Mary Kay facial. (No, I do not really wear hats or sunglasses like that....) 

That's about it for this time, folks! What have you been up to lately? 


  1. I'm sure your counting down the days ;) My sister got a dress from Eshakti! They have such pretty things :)

    I've been busy with school and helping with the ministry with my parents here in England.


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