Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Of Gingerbread, Thanksgiving, and Life

Last week was SO incredibly busy. And wonderful. 

On my birthday (Monday), I had a long and delightful shopping day with my mom, plus lunch at my favorite Panda Express. (That place is amazing.) I picked up some fun things for my wedding, which was awesome. Samuel came in that evening too. :)

And... That began a blurred week! 

On Tuesday, I cut my hair and we had a delightful pie social. And, I got to church to find this adorable sign for my bridal shower! It reads: This season's real life romantic best seller! "All You Need Is Love and a Good Cup of Coffee". Pretty cute, huh?! heart emoti

Wednesday found us at the post office. We stood in line for four hours to obtain my passport application. We finally got it and headed off to Espanola. 

Samuel presented our ministry at Valley Bible Baptist Church in Espanola. You may remember when Lydia and I spent a few days up there with my good friend (and now bridesmaid!) Naomi. It was fun to visit with Pastor McMath and the church family up there, as well as present our upcoming evangelistic trip to the Philippines. 

(Yes, Lord willing, we hope to travel to the Philippines in March-April of 2016 and stay for three weeks, evangelizing, working VBS, and surveying deaf ministries.)

Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course, but no photos. I really should start taking pictures... 

Friday was a delightful lunch out with our friends the Lenentines of Gospel Light Baptist Church and then bowling. Again, ahem, no pics. 

And then Saturday. We had an amazing gingerbread competition and it was so much fun!

Samuel and I made our cabin out of homemade gingerbread, boiling sugar, pretzel "logs", and a fun sprinkling of artificial and sugar snow. 

Pretty cute, eh?! It took me HOURS to cut out, bake, and dry the gingerbread. And then it took us three hours to assemble it all. By the way, I highly recommend boiling sugar instead of Royal Icing. The stuff dries rock hard and almost instantly.

We had our pastor's family (the Piatts), Chloe's boy-friend Daniel, a friend named Clayton, and the Blodgetts in on the competition too. Our friends the Baileys showed up later to judge the houses. 

This sweet guy did the dishes and mopped the floor for me...

You can cue some romantic music right here...

Pastor and Sonya's house...

Samuel's house. 

Stephen, the man of many faces...

Chloe and Daniel, Nick and Lydia. 

More faces from Erit and Clayton...

Mom and Dad, Ashleigh and Sarah. 

Quite the Gingerbread Land, isn't it?! 

I hope y'all had an amazing Thanksgiving. Oh, and in case you missed it, Grace Triumphant is out on Kindle, in paperback on Amazon, and it may be popping up with other retailers now as well. Have you downloaded it yet?!

How was your Thanksgiving? 



  1. Are y'all taking a group of people to the Philippines or is it just the "happy couple"?

    1. We may have others, we may not. That is probably more a question for Samuel. He would know more. :)

  2. Neat! Sounds like exciting stuff. Funny enough, I am from ABQ, and was on a random blog and saw your link and found my way here! My goodness! Our church in ABQ hosts FBI, which church to you attend FBI at?
    Blessings, Lexi

    1. I attend First Baptist Church of Edgewood. :) FBI is definitely very wonderful.


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