Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Bridal Shower

I have been so MIA - again! What a busy time of year this is! (And I did a book release and am planning a wedding in the middle of it all!)

But, finally, here are the pics from my bridal shower! My bridesmaid Rebecca is a wonderful photographer! You should seriously check out her work. Get ready for a LOT of photos!

My dad stayed around to help decorate.

Some lovely church ladies. 

Baby, It's Cold Outside! 

The coffee bar was amazing!

A chocolate fountain!

Our happily-ever-after is coming up - in just 59 days!

The cake topper guy even looks like Samuel!

Isn't the decor just perfect?!

My future sister and mother in law!

My grandma did so much on the shower!

Gwen and Chloe are so beautiful!

Grandma + Granddaughter = precious

I sure have beautiful bridesmaids...

The cupcakes were perfection! So pink and chocolaty and bookish!

I got to visit with Joellen (my friend from Roswell), which was a blessing!

Yes, cute boys were allowed...

Too many treats! 

It was a blessing to have my pastor's wife (center) pray. 

So many lovely ladies!

And more pretty ladies...

Still more lovely ladies... I have so many beautiful friends!

We were admiring the cupcakes...

The coffee was amazing.

Methinks Abigail was having fun...

Lydia and Mom picked out some fun games!

The prize for the game was pretty cute...

Beginning the game.

Lovely ladies.

I did not do so well on the game...

The bride and the broom...

The party favors were so lovely...

Opening gifts was so much fun!

Grandma and my great-aunt. 

So many pretty ladies in one place!

Apparently, I am posing with a crock pot...

S & A!!!

I was so blessed to have my fiance open gifts for me. Here he is being very ornery - trying to cut all of the ribbons so we have lots of kids. Hahahah!

Welcome to the Jones Household!

Lots of presents!

Such lovely ladies!

Samuel really liked the medical kit and where-there-is-no-doctor medical assistance book we received from my bridesmaid. 

My muscle-man, helping me out!

Sarah = pretty!

I'm not sure what we were talking about together, but it must have been amusing...

A clock for our office...

My sister-in-law must think I'm addicted to coffee! She got me a prescription mug!

My grandma bought us the "bride and the broom". Hahahah! We had too much fun.

Grandma and Lydia.

Samuel liked the medical book...

My and my lovely grandma...

My sister-of-many-faces...

I like this photo. :)


He kept trying to take my broom! Apparently, he won...

We took turns looking adoringly at each other! I love Samuel's excitement! Only 58 days until the big day!

What has kept you busy lately?! Share in the comments.



  1. Looks so beautiful. Nothing like friends and church family!

  2. This is so sweet! Thank you for all the pictures! You and Samuel are absolutely adorable together. :) Many blessings!

    1. Heehee! Hopefully there weren't *too* many photos! :) Thank you - I think he's definitely pretty cute! Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow, sounds like you were happily busy throughout this season! I can't believe your wedding will be coming up so soon!

    Praise the Lord for the ministry opportunities given to you guys. Have you ever been out of country before?

    The cupcakes looked lovely, and I think the medical kit and book are a really neat idea!

    On my end, I've had an earlier Christmas break which was so nice because I get to have a bit more extra free time than usual. I have been busy decorating the house, and preparing for Christmas. We didn't have time to go caroling as a family yet, but we plan on doing it this weekend. And the spring semester will be my final semester till I graduate by God's grace, so I'm thankful for that too.

    1. I know! Only 56 days!

      Samuel has been to other countries (including the Philippines), but I have not even been on a plane before!

      Oh, how nice! And how exciting - you are going to graduate soon! That's wonderful!!! You've put so much work into this.

  4. What has kept me busy lately? What hasn't kept me busy lately! Ha! I'm so glad I got to be a part of your shower, even if I had to miss the main part. You are a lovely lady and I can't wait for your wedding! Samuel is a blessed man, as are you a blessed woman.

    1. I know the feeling... :)

      Thank you for coming. I am indeed blessed.

  5. Oh! What beautiful pictures...Thank you so much for sharing the happiness! God bless you two!!!

    1. God bless you too! Thank you for following/commenting!

  6. Aw how nice :) Love the Baby, It's Cold Outside sign! The pictures of you and Samuel at the end made me smile :)

    1. Me too! I thought it was so cute. Aww - thanks!

  7. How BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Those cupcakes look sooooo good! Simply stunning! Thank you for sharing these pictures!


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