Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bridesmaids Day Out!

I know that I have been terribly MIA lately! 

My blog was under construction, I have had a ton of work to do for the Grace Triumphant book release (which is Monday, just so yah know!), and this little thing called planning a wedding keeps me pretty busy! But I am back. And the blog is newly updated!

A few of my bridesmaids, mom, and I had a girl's day out a week ago. It was such a lovely break from all the work I'd had going on and preparations for our Christmas cantata.

Pizza at Dions...

Car Selfie!

Starbucks was fun! Love Becca's don't-take-any-more-pics face!

My strange sisters thought ice cream would be better than coffee. How are we even related?!

Bath and Body Works in the mall was amazing fun!

Gordmans is always a fun place to go. Don't ask how much I spent... Why do my bridesmaids think they need to persuade me to buy clothes?!

Shopping, shopping!

Me and Mom.

Lovely ladies...

Me and four of my six bridesmaids!

We had a lovely time. I am so blessed by the gals the Lord has placed in my life. And I am so honored they are going to be in our wedding!

How did your week go? What is new for you?


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I really like Bath and Body Works and Gordman's too. ;) Did you get any of their new Christmas flavors at B&BW?


    1. I did! I had a buy any item, get an item free. So I bought a small Cashmere Glow lotion and got a large Fresh Sparkling Snow lotion for free! Have you gotten any new ones?

    2. Fun! I have that coupon too! ;) My grandparents are in town, and we normally go to B&BW with my grandma, so I'm hoping to go soon and get some new stuff.


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