Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm Alive...Seriously.

Yes, I am alive. Really. It's just my time keeps slipping away...

Of course, if you follow me on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, you may have a pretty good idea of what's been going on. If not... Let me give y'all a quick update. And, please, let me know what you have been up to too! I love getting your sweet comments.

Most recently, I was the pianist for my sweet friend Naomi's wedding. You may remember when my sister Lydia and I got to spend a few days with her back in 2013. How does time fly by so quickly?!

I had a delightful movie night with my friends, the Hoppmans. We watched Ace Wonder, which I totally loved. It was SO cute. It also so happens that these three gals are some of my bridesmaids! :)

Over Labor Day, I attended the Bella Vista Baptist Church Labor Day Conference. Besides the all-day preaching (which was amazing), the food and fellowship were pretty great. It was an added blessing that I got to sit through the conference with one very handsome fiance... It was Samuel's first time attending and he enjoyed it as much as I always do. There were over 600+ people in attendance.

After the conference, that same handsome fiance bought me flowers. He's amazing. I don't know which was more awesome - the fact that he bought me flowers or the fact that he did all the dishes for me. :) 

And, as usual, I am staying caffeinated with some amazing espresso. 

I have to, because the deadline for Grace Triumphant is one month! Eeeek! Pray I can finish this book within the deadline and to God's glory!

I'll leave you with this... God's grace is SO amazing. He is SO good to us. Even on those hard days when life seems bleak and we don't understand where He is leading or why struggles come, His grace is sufficient. Never lose your wonder at His amazing grace...okay? 

Amazing Grace

What has kept you busy? 

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  1. My kiddos! We just had Hunter's 2nd birthday party! Thomas the Tank engine was the theme. It was a blast. I'm posting a blog post about it soon! :)


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