Friday, July 17, 2015

Mrs. Lydia Blodgett

Dear readers, amid the craziness of a certain someone's wedding, I fear I have not updated you lately! Yes, Lydia is happily married and off on her honeymoon on the California beaches. (Lucky little sea gull!) 

'Twas a lovely wedding. I only have a few photos to shoot you at this moment, but here they are.

Sorry, these were taken on a friend's phone and are blurry any larger. The professional wedding photos should be available to me soon! :) 

I miss Lydia so much, but she and Nick are very happy together. Congrats to a lovely couple! I was so honored to be their maid-of-honor.



  1. Congratulations to them!!! May their lives together be blessed beyond their greatest imaginations!

  2. What an exciting time! Congratulations to Lydia and NIck!


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