Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Femininity Still Matters

I don't know why the Lord laid this on my heart. But perhaps there is someone who will be blessed by my random musings.
Femininity still matters.

You may wonder what I mean by that statement. Perhaps it is the entourage of mis-truths the world and Christians are promoting. Without going into much detail, please allow me to say that a woman/girl can be beautiful without being sensual. She can be strong without being masculine. She can go hiking, put in a hard day's work, and work with children all day without dressing frumpily or like a man. Even rancher's or farmer's wives can still be ladies out on the field.

Really. Truly.

Woman today are losing something. Something soft. Something precious. Something as delicate as fine china. It's called femininity. 

There's a difference between staying in shape and deliberately engaging in masculine activities. There's a difference between being strong and being hard. There's a difference between knowing how to work hard and doing so in the appearance or even spirit of a man.

In the words of Catherine Marshall, men like to think of women as being different from themselves.  As finer, more delicate, more sensitive. Because that is how we were created to be. We weren't created to compete with men physically, dress like them, walk like them, or fulfill their roles. We are different.

We are ladies. Feminine.

I think true ladies know how to be feminine without being snobby. Pretty without being silly. Attentive to our physical appearance without fretting over a nail broken on the dishes or forgetting the most important aspect of our makeup - our hearts. 

The Proverbs 31 woman took time with her appearance, as did Esther, Ruth, and the woman of Solomon's Song. They were strong, courageous, hard workers...who also recognized the importance of being distinctively feminine. Singling Ruth out, she did some pretty intense labor in the fields. But, when it came to Boaz, you'll notice that she dolled up for him. And rightly so.

I learned a lot on this subject from Emily Barnes. Her book Simple Secrets to a Beautiful Home is one I highly recommend. In it, she teaches you to embrace femininity...and the spirit of loveliness. 

So put on some makeup. Wear a necklace. If you wear skirts (as I do), be sure you are walking like a lady (it's about far more than the skirt!). It's not that much more difficult to wear a blouse instead of that tattered (or masculine) t-shirt. T-shirts are more cozy? Okay, buy some of those cute printed and fitted ones from Walmart and put a statement necklace on with it. It's just as cozy...and you'll feel so much lovelier. 

Femininity is becoming harder and harder to find. Women dress like men...and now men are dressing like women. But it's not to late to reclaim that softness. That spirit of loveliness found first in our hearts...and also in that lip tint. That nail polish. That soft sweater, delicate necklace, sweet perfume, or mascara. 

It's worth the extra 15 minutes. Women who look and hold themselves like feminine daughters of the King are much more respected. And, if you are single, there is something about the chaste, loveliness of a truly feminine woman that attracts truly godly young men. If you're married, I think most men would be thrilled to come home to a loveliness-enhanced wife.

Don't lose your softness in a world that is becoming harder and harder. Femininity is worth it! It still matters. 
How do you embrace your femininity? What do you do to make you feel and look like a lady?

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  1. How do I embrace my femininity? I hug her!! :)


  2. So true!! This post really encouraged me! :) It seems we as women are loosing our femininity, and its so sad to see, because God designed us to be feminine!

    So yes, great post!! I very much agree! It's lovely to meet someone who still believes in the preciousness of femininity! :)


  3. Thanks for the post and reminding us to be soft and lovely. You are a blessing!

  4. Thank you so much for this post! It is encouraging to know that others thing like this besides myself :) I have found that when you dress and act like a lady men treat us with more respect.

  5. Love this! Great post, Alicia.


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