Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Colorado, Salt Lake City, and Fishing - Oh My!

Hello, dear readers! How have you been? This poor little blog has been sorely neglected, but here I am to finally give you an update. 

If you follow me on social media, you will know by now that I went to Colorado to visit my boyfriend's family, then drove up with them to Salt Lake City for Samuel's graduation ceremony from Anchor Baptist Bible College. 

The scenery was breathtaking. All of the photos I snapped from the car. 

Purdy church building and campus. 

Samuel and his brother-in-law Sam both graduated. It was nice to see them both at once! 

Samuel J. and Sam B. Both made excellent graduating speeches, although, I admit Samuel's was my favorite. ;)

Happy graduate Sam. 

Samuel is just a wee bit tall... 

Yes, can you tell he was very happy?! ;) 

Incredibly proud of both guys! 

Brother Paul with his son-in-law and son. 

Cassie, Richard, and I had fun with post-ceremony selfies. 

Someone picked roses for me before we left Salt Lake City... ;) Guess who?

The weather at Monarch Pass in CO was quite chilly. 

We stopped at the top for pics. Someone liked his bear.... ;) Oh, and me too. ;) 

Gorgeous sunset, no?

Traveling selfie... :) One of my favorite things is that we got to have different family members ride with us all the way back. Nice way to get to talk to everyone! 

We had church in Garcia, CO at Brother Paul's church. Samuel taught Sunday School (excellent lesson) and we sang the morning special together. We drove back to NM in time to attend Gospel Light Baptist Church's services with West-Coast Baptist Bible College. Such awesome singing and preaching! 

We went fishing on Monday before Samuel left for camp. We both caught one. :) Nick made the record for the biggest one. 

Two fisherwomen... Sarah and Abigail. 

Samuel, Stephen, and Isaac - fishermen. 

Fisherwomen - Hannah, Sarah, and Lydia. 

Nice group shot. :)

Someone remembered my college graduation and bought me a super special gift! A new Bible (we'll be getting my name on it soon!), the Love Dare For Parents, and a wonderful amount of chocolate. I am so blessed and spoiled. :)

On a final note, I signed To Birmingham Castle and In Search of Adventure over to my new publisher. God is so good!

How was your weekend? 



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