Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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2015 CAPE Homeschool Convention

We had such a blessed time at the 2015 CAPE Homeschool Convention!

Erynn Mangum and I had fun at our Knights of the Coffee Table. Praise God, we sold out! God is sooo good. His blessings are amazing. I had so much fun meeting new friends and readers. Y'all are wonderful. 

Showcase was a huge blessing. My sister Lydia arranged It Is Well With My Soul in dedication to my Aunt Lydia, who was diagnosed with cancer at this time last year and passed away in September. 

Sarah sang it beautifully. Lydia and Emily did great with the accompaniment. 

Jonathon, Kayla, and Keturah did a wonderful job singing Just As I Am

I was glad they gave us the same spot as every year! :)

Beautiful campus, no?


Inside the main building. 

Balcony view. :)

My brother Nathan was one of the highschool graduates! 

Nathan, second to the last graduate. 

I knew only about 9 of the 90+ graduates. The above are Bekah Jungling, my pastor's son Eric Piatt, and Nathan Schwebach from FBI. 

Congratulations, Nathan! And congrats Class of 2015!

Slightly crowded after the graduation, eh? 

I spy... Lydia, Sarah, Nick, Ashleigh...

Pastor, Eric, Chloe, Nathan...! :)

I think someone was glad to graduate... ;)

Post-graduation pizza, per tradition. It was a fun time. 

There are also some photos of my workshop floating around somewhere, but I have not yet located them. Maybe one day I'll find and share them. In the mean time, God was very gracious. People actually attended my workshop and God gave me grace to speak and not pass out. ;) 

How was your week?



  1. Who won the angel food cake baking contest? :-)

    1. Hahahahah! I forgot about that. Umm... There were no serial killers. No angel food cakes. ;) Now I want one and some fresh strawberries and cream though... :)

    2. Yum. BTW, I would really love to see a post with your advice/best practices for doing a convention book table. Maybe you've done one in the past and I've missed/forgotten it, but I think a lot of people would appreciate learning from your experience. I would. :-)

    3. Well, thank you! :) I can try to arrange to do that on Word Painters. Maybe next week? Thanks for the suggestion. :)


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