Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Card Maker, Card Maker...

Card maker, card maker, make me a card...

Some of you indicated on my social media questionnaire that you would like to see a post or two on making cards. As I more-or-less endeavor to have a card ministry, I've had lots of experience with making them! Here are some ideas.

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You don't get more basic than this! Using your pre-made, blank cards from Hobby Lobby or another craft store, cut a backdrop of your color choice and stack layers as you please. Attach a plain tea bag and use your best typography!

Again using your blank cards, cut a simple strip of the color of your choice. You can cut out your own flower or use a 3D sticker. Hot glue ribbon across the background paper and/or include a bow. 

Simple and lovely! Atop your doily, you can mix and match embellishments as you please. Buttons, ribbon, a bow, a sticker - embellish away! Print out your message on the computer if your free hand isn't the best.

Here is one I made with my Cricut. You can trace and cut out the pieces by hand or you can your Cricut. Simple to make, but it will delight the coffee lovers in your life!

Another card I made. Only, this one is embellished by a bookmark! Make a bookmark of your shape and choosing and attack it to the front of your card! Use your Cricut or cut out by hand.

Don't have the supplies you need? Head over to your local Hobby Lobby! Make sure you go when their paper/stickers are 50% off. And bring your 40% off coupon (print from website) to ease the price of the pre-made, blank cards or calligraphy pens. 

Which card would you make? Who would you send it to?


  1. ohhhhh I looooove the first one :) it is so cute :) I'll have to try that one. The only problem is that our closest hobby lobby is 2 hrs away :(

    1. Oh, that's too bad! You can probably order online and have supplies shipped to you though! :)

  2. I would probably make the first one! (I like the teabag!) :)


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