Thursday, January 1, 2015

About Me

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by. Why don't you pull up a chair, grab a mug of espresso, and let me introduce myself? 

I am a published Christian-Historical fiction author, historian, and musician. More importantly, I am a born-again Christian and attend First Baptist Church of Edgewood. When not writing or doing endless historical research for my books, I enjoy crocheting, being a church pianist, and teaching music. I am also a vocalist and am working towards my three-year Faith Bible Institute diploma.

On a ministry level, my intended and I hope to hit the mission's fields sometime in 2016, with a goal of spreading the gospel to unreached people groups and planting deaf ministries. Samuel is a fluent ASL interpreter. And me? Well, I'm getting sign at a time.

As a writer, my goal is to produce family-friendly, character-building novels that portray history as it truly was. It is my hope that my books intrigue and inspire you, as well as give you new fascination for history. Beyond entertaining you, it is my hope that you come away from reading my books with a new appreciation for the past and plenty of fun, educational facts. 

As a Christian, my mission in life is to evangelize the lost. If you are unsure about your salvation, please click HERE. You'll be glad you did. There is nothing more important than your eternal destiny. 

Again, thank you for stopping by! To peruse my books or learn more, please navigate to my website, social media, or Amazon author page (links on left and right sidebars). I would love to connect! 



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  1. Alicia, I am a grandmother who has just recently received the first book contract offer on my first inspy romance novel. I am amazed at all you have accomplished with your writing at your tender age of 24? So happy to know a wedding is in the making. Just between me and you, I think you are just the type of Christian young woman I hope my grandson will meet and marry one day. HIS name is Samuel, too. BTW, he's only eight but I am already praying for that godly mate. My hubby and I are semi-retired ministers and I finally have time to really work on writing inspirational novels. I've also pubbed a Bible study, Power Over Satan, which is a brief primer on the authority of the believer. You can find it on Amazon. I hope you and your fiance are fully aware of your authority in Christ as believers. Otherwise, the enemy may get the best of you, especially going into ministry. My husband and I have been happily married 52 years! God is so good. I tell folks the three things I count as most important to our happy marriage are: 1) We put Jesus as the head of our home from the start and church was always a big part of our family life. 2) We agreed on important financial mattters like working hard, tithing and saving and avoiding debt except for a house or car and we paid those off early and saved tons of interest. 3) We have found its important to give each other space. For example, my hubby does not go off the deep end if I decide I need to spend a week off at Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly just to write a first draft. And I don't mind if he goes off on a fishing or golfing outing. Of course, we take several vacations a year together.
    Elva Cobb Martin
    PS A prayer request: Please agree in prayer with me for God's divine connection to His choice of literary agent for me. I am holding off signing the contract which I received 11/18 until I find an agent. Patience is definitely the name of this writing game. ( :


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