Monday, November 3, 2014

Events of the Week...

Last Sunday night, our youth pastor was ordained. It was a fun occasion, even the interrogation. I enjoyed all the doctrinal questions from the panel members and took some good notes for the future. 

Gwen gave a good testimony.

Seeing some of my pastoral friends and acquaintances again was fun! It was especially nice to catch up with some people I met at Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Ranch. 

Gwen performed a beautiful special!

Me at the piano. 

Our newly ordained Pastor Dan was prayed over by the panel and our friend David Walden.

That cake was GOOD! I'm not huge into cakes with a lot of icing, but this one was amazing.

Isaac was scoping out the cookies...

The Clement kiddos!

The church's gift to Pastor Dan. He was happy. :)

Not much else is new. I have been very busy, as always. Looking forward to sharing some more photos of other recent events sometime soon! 


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  1. Just thought I'd like you know that I am receiving your blogposts by email now :)

    It looks like Sunday was a special day for your whole church. Thanks for the update.


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