Monday, November 10, 2014

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And Life Goes Rolling On...

If the title didn't make you start humming "The Army Goes Rolling On"....well, it was supposed to. So start singing.... I suppose a loud Happy Veteran's Day is in order for all of you wonderful vets (including my dad). Thanks for the sacrifices you made for our country! 

Since some of you seem to enjoy glimpses of my life, I suppose that you are due for an update in the never-slowing-down bustle and activity. 

We took our annual Tent Rocks hike with the Hoppmans last Friday. Or was it Saturday? At any rate, we went hiking. 

Typical photobombing....

I stayed with my grandparents for several days since grandpa just had surgery. I think they could have managed without me (praise God, grandma is doing amazing!), but it was still fun to hang out and catch up.

Additionally, I've been up to my ears in work. Proofreading Rising to the Challenge before it goes off to my lovely beta reading team, ASL, studying for FBI finals (happening tonight, actually), working with clients on writing and website projects, and preparing for a broadcast with Sons of the Kingdom

Oh, did I mention that Sons of the Kingdom sponsoring a giveaway of From the Dark to the Dawn? You can win a signed paperback. 

Also.... I am conducting a virtual book signing! From now until Thanksgiving, you can order signed paperbacks of my books at a discount! Deal includes a discount, free shipping, and arrival before Christmas. Why don't you message me or email me at to place your order?! Don't miss out on the savings....

Last, but not least, I enjoyed National Chocolate Day with the goodies Samuel sent me. :) Pretty awesome, huh? 'Tis the seasons for eggnog lattes too. And my Grandma just sent me home with a chocolate scone mix and a bottle of Nutella....

How's life for you?


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  1. Keeping busy is usually always a good thing. (Glad to hear part of it is over books! New books is exciting!)


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