Monday, October 20, 2014

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On Friday, my sister Lydia and her boyfriend Nicholas got engaged!

We started up for 4th of July Canyon as though were going hiking. Nick was supposedly at work...or so Lydia believed! Aunt Maellen, Daniel, and Emily were going to go hiking with us. Acting as though we were just going to have a regular picnic, we went to our usual spot.

We randomly took photos like we always do. Only Lydia was oblivious to the fact that Nick was hiding in the woods...

After a short while, someone "suggested" a short hike before lunch. We all trooped into the woods, with Lydia leisurely taking photos of the leaves. 

Up the trail was a short pathway of rose petals. Can you guess that Lydia was the last person to discover them? ;) She was so intent on taking photos that Aunt Maellen and Mom had to point them out. At which point, she wondered out loud if someone had recently been engaged in the spot. Hahahahah!

She came upon (or was, rather, guided to) another bunch of flowers and a card. The card gave her instructions to read slowly and sit down. She did so, not knowing that Nick was walking up behind her...

I was busy filming, so no stills of the actual proposal. Nick got on one knee, said many sweet things, and asked Lydia to marry him. Can you guess what she said?

Purdy, huh?

Nick is a man of many expressions...

They had fun watching the proposal on film. 


We did get photos of other people too... ;)

Beautiful area!

Best friends!

A lot more photos are floating around on Facebook and Google+, but I hope you enjoyed these ones. 

How was your weekend? Anything special occur? Share in the comments!


  1. Wow! Congratulations to Lydia and Nicholas! They look perfect together. What a precious engagement story! Every detail was just right, from the sound of it. : )

  2. Still waitin for you to get engaged that way I can fly out and meet you at the wedding :-)

    1. Um... :) Meet me at Lydia's wedding or mine? :) Of course, anonymous people are hard to invite to weddings.... ;)

  3. lol, yours!!!!!... I'm Jones' cousin that lives in MI and I've heard ALL about you from Samuel :-)

    1. Hahah, okay! :) Hmmm...I wonder what he said about me? ;) I can hardly wait to meet all of his family. It will be so nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Everything was good :-) (that he said about you)

    1. Of course, 'cause he is always so sweet like that! :)

  5. ALWAYS?!?!?!?! Hmmm.....You're just too deep in love and you can't get out :-)

    1. Heehee! No denying that! But he really is sweet all the time....


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