Monday, October 13, 2014

Blessings Abound

When times are rough, it is good to focus on the blessings in our life. The Lord, Scripture, just about every book I read, and every circumstance in my life seems to be pointing to that principle right now.

So I've been musing over some blessings in my life right now. Join me? Friends are one of the blessings I have. The Lord took my adopted aunt home, but He left so many others behind to enjoy. 

One such friend is Rebecca. This lovely young lady picked me up, took me into town, bought me a fun coffee sign (one that perfectly expresses my view on decaff coffee - it's pointless!), and took me to dinner. We had a great time visiting a few stores and enjoying lattes over dinner at Flying Star.

I enjoyed celebrating a belated birthday celebration with the Hoppman twins and their family on Friday. There is nothing like strong coffee, good food, friends, and a lively game of Phase Ten to cheer one up, right? Even if it makes for the second up-till-midnight evening in a row...

Speaking of late nights, that has actually been another wonderful blessing in my life. I used to get to bed at around 10:30, but those days are a thing of the past. And I would not call them back! Speaking to Samuel on the phone or texting him into the night hours have been more enjoyable than I can express. At the risk of sounding absolutely mushy (which is fine anyway!), I am ever so grateful to him and God for all the support, spiritual encouragement, and fun times of the last few months.

My dad took me to coffee after Wednesday night church, which was fun. Life has been so crazy we haven't had any time at all to catch up, but we finally got to do that. Nothing like talking over plans for the future with a steaming coffee in hand, right?

Okay, I'm officially confessing that I may or may not be seeing a trend with caffeination in this post... Such has been my life lately.

I'm also grateful for the weather. I love, love, love the nip of the October air, the drizzly days, overcast skies, and changing leaves! I am also conscientiously avoiding the scarf aisles in stores. Those things can be so addictingly cute. Friends have been generous - I have a whole drawer full of scarves. So I will turn a blind eye to the new colors and patterns...

I've also been blessed by the prayers and support I've received for my work-in-progress. Rising to the Challenge is coming along. I'm 97,000 words into my 120,000 goal. Will Guthrie maintain the shire he sullied with treacherous hands? Will Sir Kenneth and Brion ever reconcile their differences to live peaceably together as knight and squire? And will Sir Darryl snatch the heart of Clarissa away from Sir Kenneth?

I think that is all the blessings and updates I have to share today. Until next time, dear readers!

What blessings do you have to share?


  1. Thank you for sharing Alicia. The past few days the Lord has strongly been laying similar on my heart, that I must glorify Him through these days. Last night the verse was Ps. 50:15 says. "Call upon Me in the day of trouble;
    I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”

    1. It really helps, doesn't it? So sorry for your loss as well!

  2. A trend of lots of coffee is never a bad thing... It means you're accomplishing lots! :-)


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