Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Autumn Is Upon Us...

Interrupting this post to say that my adopted aunt, Lydia Hoppman, went home to be with the Lord on Monday. Thank you for your prayers and support, everyone!

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Ah, the most beautiful time of the year! 

Refreshing coolness, light breezes, changing leaves, boots, scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolate, corn mazes, soft blankets, warm socks, harvest, trench coats, apple pie, icy rain, cozy fires, cookie-scented candles.

I adore autumn. 

For some reason, I am more creative during cool, overcast weather. Fall is a perfect time for me to write, make cards for church folks, practice the piano, or experiment with new recipes.

Isn't this a fun idea? It would be a lovely gift for grandparents, teachers, or even as a housewarming present. It's kind of feminine (okay, it's really feminine), but I'm sure a creative person could even come up with some ideas for making a falling-for-you goodie basket for a husband or boyfriend.

Here in the southwest, the air is spicy with the scent of roasting chilies. Green chile stew is a favorite around here. Pinterest has many recipes for this tasty dish!

Do you have any favorite fall haunts? I've been enjoying talking on the phone to my boyfriend in the evenings, cuddled up with a blanket and notebook on our porch swing. It's been getting a bit too chilly, but I hope I can keep doing it for at least a little while longer!

I've been teaching my Sunday school students about thankfulness. We've had fun painting some pumpkin and turkey sun-catchers. Perhaps I will make these adorable rice crispie treat pumpkins for them! 

There are so many lovely ideas for, so many things to appreciate about autumn. 

What is your favorite part about fall?


  1. I have so many favorite things about this season, I don't think I can choose! :-) But here are a few: the smell of the autumn forest, the gathering of first-year sparrows on the sunlit roofs, the oven full of autumn baking (pumpkin pie, bread, acorn squash), the abundance of an apple orchard and the taste of a fresh Mac apple right off the tree, fall rains, my anniversary, so many family birthdays, Thanksgiving Eve church services and hymn sings, geese flying south, scarlet ocean sunsets... So delightful - so much for which to be thankful! And, yes, you should make those pumpkin treats for the SS kids! :-) Loved this post.

  2. Sigh, it all sounds lovely. Yet spring and summer are still my favorite seasons. I guess I live in a place where I don't experience the real coziness of fall, the change of colors etc. The days just get shorter, grayer and darker. So I cannot really appreciate autumn as much as others do...

    I like spring because of the newness, freshness, all the blooms and sunshine. Then summer, the days are longer, a lot of fun outside, bonfires, free time etc.

    But what I really like about autumn are more opportunities to bake, it reminds me of cinnamon rolls, and I love Thanksgiving and the preparation for Christmas!

    p.s. thanks for prayers for the exam! didn't go that well, but I'm pressing on.


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