Monday, September 8, 2014

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Rising to the Challenge: Meet the Characters!

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Some of you have been asking about my WIP! Well,  Lord willing, Rising to the Challenge (The Comrades of Honor Series #3) will hit retailers in early 2015! Check out the awesome characters and get a taste of what is coming up next in Birmingham!

Also, if you have not read To Birmingham Castle or In Search of Adventure yet, now would be a good time while you are waiting for the third installment to hit the shelves!

Our protagonist is (can you guess who?!) none other than the dashing Sir Kenneth Dale, former squire of Sir Nathaniel de Lance and a favorite of the revered Earl of Birmingham, Sir Robert Fitz Hasseltine. He remains a popular figure in Birmingham, although his status as a common knight creates certain difficulties when dealing with both his lady love and his staunch enemy.

His squire is thirteen year-old Brion de Lantenac. Obstinate, high-spirited, and difficult as a general rule, Brion harbors a deep secret from his past. He and Sir Kenneth continually clash, and Brion finds it difficult to submit to his master's guidance and frequent correction. The question arises: will he ever learn to honor Sir Kenneth? Or is separation the best choice?

His young page is Ethan Fitz Hasseltine, second son of Sir Robert. Sweet, well-mannered, and affectionate, he is a spirited little page with a trusting heart. If you remember from In Search of Adventure, he considers his master Sir Kenneth the hero of every situation. Only he seems to see past Brion's hardened demeanor and finds it in his heart to love him.

One of our antagonists is Sir Darryl FitzWalter, Earl of Stafford. Handsome, rich, powerful, and suave, he is a hard combatant to challenge - both on the field of battle and in chivalry. Rich and noble, he desires to court and marry Lady Clarissa. Fortune is on his side. Will he succeed?

The squire of Sir Brandon de Walheign, Victor de Corey is a general favorite and leader among the squires of Birmingham Castle. Sir Kenneth himself respects his valiant heart and upright character. Considerate and forgiving, he befriends young Brion de Lantenac.

Lady Clarissa de Raymont is the beautiful daughter of Sir Eldon of Devonshire and, eventually, becomes the ward of Sir Robert Fitz Hasseltine. Rich and noble, her high rank makes the desires of her heart impossible. Will her love for Sir Kenneth keep her single? Or will she marry Sir Darryl, the man who demands her hand?

Malcolm is the secret friend of Brion, alone holding the secret of Brion's past. Will his devotion force him to keep Brion with Sir Kenneth? Or does he believe Sir Kenneth's severity with Brion's rebellion goes too far?

Guthrie treacherously controls Lantenac Castle. Will his evil plots result in the demise of one Sir Kenneth holds dear?

What think ye?


  1. Awesome, Alicia! So excited to read the last two books in this series!!

  2. I can't wait until it comes out! It looks very interesting! Love the characters.

  3. I have book one, I can't wait to start it! I am looking forward to it and the others in the seires!


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