Monday, September 1, 2014

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A Glimpse Into the Past...

Winner of the gift basket on Friday was #22 - Morgan Lowery! Please leave me a comment or message me so I can be in touch with you.

Due to the In the Spirit of Femininity blog event, I haven't done a personal blog post in a while now! Here's a glimpse into the last few weeks!

My family, Nick, and the a few members of the Jones family went on a short hike on Sandia Crest. 

Left to right: Richard, Timothy, Nathan, Sarah, Me, Samuel J., Stephen, and Samuel W.

Lovely view from Sandia Crest! I love it up there.

Me and Samuel.

Nathan and Timothy.

Dad and Samuel. And our little Isaac!

A few weeks later, Dad and Nathan headed out for their annual hike. We ladies and the little ones headed to Ruidoso for our annual visit to Flying J Ranch. 

Samuel loves photobombing...


All these kids doing "time"...

Sisters, sisters...

The skit is the same everywhere, but it still always cracks me up!

The food is great! :) 

Last week, I delved into my autumn schedule for school and work. I am in my last year of Faith Bible Institute, studying the Separate Kingdoms, New Testament Epistles II, and Soteriology. I am also working on Spanish and ASL. And.... Lord willing, Rising to the Challenge (The Comrades of Honor Series #3) will hit retailers in early 2015!

We our Hymns For Him concert on Friday. Check out one of the pieces! (Thanks to Ed Vencenti for capturing a clip on his phone!) I am on the piano and my sisters Lydia and Sarah are on the violin. I love the Irish stylings in the middle! Arranged by Lydia Willis. 

The Hymn Group bought me coffee and chocolate! They know me very well! :)

Today, I and my family will be attending the Bella Vista Baptist Labor Day Conference. Lots of preaching, good music, and yummy food! :) 

What have you been up to?


  1. Love your blog posts!! Especially all the pictures :) Today is my last day of Freedom:( My mom has decided tomorrow we start school! UGH:( Oh well :) Tomorrow I also restart Horse back riding! So excited :)

    1. Have fun with school! ;) The horse back riding should be great!

  2. Wow Alicia! I was really impressed by the playing you and your sisters did. It was beautiful and I loved the celtic accents to it. You all should make a CD.

    1. Thank you! Lydia arranged that one. She is actually making a CD of her piano arrangements right now. :)

  3. Ah, isn't it fun to lock people in jail? :D

  4. My cousins are SOOOOOOO cool ?!?!?!?!?! :) JMF

  5. (Meaning the Jones :)

    1. Yes, the Jones family is wonderful. :) Which cousin are you?


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