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In the Spirit of Femininity: Modest Fashion

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Today, I will be talking about modest fashion. And joining me for the giveaway is Samantha Hartzell of All Things Beautiful. She's sponsoring a wonderful prize! But first let's get into the blog post, shall we?

Modest fashion.

I know some of you are probably gaping at the screen, wondering how such a thing is even possible! But, trust me, it is. I am here to tell you that it is 100% possible to live frugally, be modest and Christ-honoring, and still look cute.

Unfortunately, there seems to be two extremes in the Christian circles. There are those who don't do anything hair/makeup wise and wear frumpy clothing that still fits in the category of "modest". And there are those who look like china dolls who do nothing more all day than paint their nails and are daringly close to immodest.

So where do we come to a happy medium? 

Ultimately, only you can decided where God wants you to be. However, here are a few thoughts to get you started.

  • Christian women sometimes get the reputation of being frumpy. We don't want that. Our fathers/husbands/brothers/boyfriends deserve more. The world throws plenty of temptations at them, trying to allure them with false beauty. So what not give them the benefit of true, godly loveliness? You don't have to be frumpy or downright plain just to be modest. 
  • God created women to love beauty just like He created men to admire strength. Striving to look attractive is not wrong. It only becomes wrong if it becomes an idol and the outer you becomes more important than the development of the inner you - your character. 
  • Godly women in the Bible took time with their appearance. Ruth, Esther, the Shulamite woman, Lydia, the Proverbs 31 woman... Looking beautiful for the people in their lives was important. They were also strong women who knew how to work hard too. So there is a balance to be considered.
  • You don't have to spend a lot of money to look cute and classy. Thrift/consignment stores have stuff that can be dressed up with the right accessories. And if organize your closet (hint, hint), you will have a better idea of what to watch for on sales racks at places like Catos or Kohls. 
  • Your wardrobe can be very versatile. It just takes creativity. Scroll through Pinterest and Polyvore for ideas on how to mix-and-match what you already own. See some ideas you love, but don't have a particular piece? See if you can obtain the cheapest item necessary to completing the outfit (a scarf or necklace go a long way and are very versatile!)
  • Be feminine. Really! Don't get into a rut of wearing baggy sweatshirts or t-shirts all the time! It pays to go the extra mile. Slip on that cute scarf, put that necklace on...just do something feminine! Make it a habit.
  • You think your work won't allow much femininity? Trust me, it can! I know cattle rancher's wives who paint their nails just so they have a glimmer of femininity in the midst of the mud. I go rural camping without any modern conveniences and still make sure I have something feminine (my newsie cap, my pink raincoat, etc.) You can get out there and do your workouts, play volleyball, go hiking, or do whatever else and still have the distinct appearance of a lady. (Not a weakling - a lady. There's a difference.)
  • Last but not least... Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised.
Here are a few ideas!

Who said being modest and feminine had to be fancy? These outfits are simple, every-day looks, but they aren't frumpy or expensive. On either one, you can exchange the shoes for sneakers and grab a coat to do some hiking in. They look cozy and flexible for around the house too.

These outfits are a little nicer, but still not too fancy. You can give or take as the situation requires. Scarves are especially nice, as you there are so many ways of tying them. 

These are really nice for church, a classical concert, a recital, or a sit-down dinner. Each of the items don't look too expensive. You can probably get similar items at Kohls or Catos. Or you may already have the items and just need to organize your closet.

And a few thoughts on hair...

Don't just pull your hair back in a ponytail. If you're going to pull it back, pull it back nicely or do a bun. There are options for going the second mile.

You don't get easier or more practical than this (I do it all the time!), but it still looks nice, feminine, and people will compliment you. Keeps your hair out of your face while your work or whatever, but has a classy touch. 

These aren't too hard and are still fairly practical. 

Now for our giveaway!

Aren't these earrings adorable?

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  1. I like Samantha on FB. Name is Emily Neill.

  2. Ooohhh, I like the octopus charms. My sister is a preschool teacher and this year her room is the "octopus room." She would love octopus earrings or charm bracelet.

  3. Following Alicia on Pinterest. My name is Emily Neill.

  4. Following Samantha via Pinterest too as Emily Neill.

  5. I'd call myself bohemian in the city. I generally like unstructured, free clothing with interesting mix of texture and just a little tomboyish elements thrown in.

  6. I'm a GFC follower- Emily Neill.

  7. Following Samantha on Pinterest, My name is Emily Blodgett

  8. Following both you and Samantha as Morgan Lowery.

  9. My style tends to be more casual, so jeans and a t-shirt generally and maybe a dress or skirt on occasion.

  10. Thanks for the article! Love the ideas on putting clothes together, modestly and feminine. Thanks for being an example of that.

  11. Aren't pants modest? Does God hate pants? Do men hate pants on women?

    I need to know because this is really important to me.

    1. Hi Jeanette,

      Thanks for commenting! This is a slightly complicated question to address in a blog post comment, but I'll do my best! I, too, have thought about this a lot!

      "Does God hate pants?" Well, as children of God, He loves us unconditionally. We don't have to earn His favor or love. However, grace will cause us to take a higher standard than the law ever could. We see this all throughout the NT. Therefore, the question might better be phrased "Is it right to wear pants?". Not "Is it wrong?", but "Is it right?"

      As Christian women, we are called to a high standard of being a good example to the world. How we dress often has a lot to do with this. The more modest and feminine we are, the more apt the world is to stop and take note. Personally, I only wear skirts because I feel it is the most feminine (not that pants cannot be feminine, but because I want to go to the highest standard) and because the world recognizes that as a sign of a Christian woman.

      "Are pants modest?" Well, modesty is first and foremost a heart issue. I've seen some women in skirts who flaunt their bodies and have a haughty demeanor that is definitely not modest at all. But, to come right to the point, pants emphasize parts of a woman's body in a sexually alluring way. Very little is left to the imagination (many times even in loose-fitting garments). Is this fair to our brothers in Christ? Yes, they must guard their hearts and eyes, but we have a responsibility too.

      The point of wearing skirts is never to be haughty or for I-am-more-spiritual-than you reasons. Our hearts must be modest and Christ-seeking, not self-seeking. The questions should be: "Does God want me to take the higher standard"? If you are unsure about which course to take, it is a good indication that the Lord may want you to take a more conservative standard.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

    2. I highly recommend this book, by the way!

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