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In the Spirit of Femininity - Lovely Hairstyles

Today, I am so pleased to welcome my friend Sarah Heckendorn to the blog! She is speaking about a topic all of us ladies can relate! Enjoy!

Hello ladies! My name is Sarah, and I’m honored to here today on Alicia’s blog to talk to y’all about something that is rather ‘dear’ to my heart… Hair!

While I do not want to make hair an idol or become vain with it, I do enjoy coming up with styles and making sure my hair looks nice. In fact, to tell a quick story, the only reason my mother and sister knew that I was still clueless about a surprise party they threw for me, was that I went out in public without my hair done. Brushed and clean, yes, but most certainly not styled. The situation was that a dear friend was going to take me out to lunch then bring me home to the party. So obviously, I wasn’t going to have time to change or anything.

So, why is it such a big deal for me? For one thing, I have a creative personality… which means I like to mess around with things to make them look ‘pretty’. When I discovered that I had whole bunch of hair to play with and style, I was rather excited. So from a young age I’ve enjoyed hairstyling. However, it wasn’t until I was older when I realized the greater significance of hairstyling. “Greater significance”? Sounds rather amusing, really. However, I shall explain.

In 1 Corinthians 11:15 it says, “…but if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her? For her hair is given to her for a covering.” Our hair has been given to us as a head covering. (Length is never specified, so I have always viewed this as a family decision. When I was younger, shoulder length was the shortest we could go, and only because my dad didn’t think it looked very good any shorter). So, if our hair is our ‘crowning glory’, that means we really should treat it as such, right? This would mean caring for it, making it look nice, etc.

My other reason is this; ambassadors for countries have a vital role to play in politics. If one were to come to an important meeting dressed in his pajamas, hair ruffled from sleeping, and in house slippers, those present would probably look at him with disdain. Well, perhaps people do not look at pajama clad shoppers with disdain, but there most certainly is a mental check. You automatically and subconsciously do not have as much respect for that person as you do for someone dressed in a business suit. Now, that’s talking about clothes, but what about hair? Well, hair is part of your dress. If it looks greasy, unbrushed, and matted, you will not give a good impression. What about ambassadors? As Christians, we are ambassadors for Christ, representing Him to the world. If we dress sloppily, the world will more than likely look down on us in disdain and not give us a second glance.  So, dress (including hair!) are very important! Now, I know that covers clothing as well, but I want to focus on the hair.

So, just how do we go about looking nice without spending hours in front of a mirror in the morning? Before I learned the true meaning of vanity that is where I spent much of my time when I was younger. Always trying to look my best and be pretty. Since then, I’ve learned many styles and tricks to cut down on the morning routine.

For one thing, don’t become so paranoid about your appearance that you think simple styles don’t look nice. Even a braid, nicely done, looks better than ‘just-woke-up’ hair. Or, if you have cut it in a nice style and maintain it well, it looks lovely worn down and maybe curled. Whatever you prefer and is easiest is what you should do. Otherwise it becomes a danger to become too concerned with it.

Below are some videos I have found on youtube of some of my favorite styles. The last one is a ‘fancy’ updo that I recently came up with. Although I do tend to do ‘quicker’ styles for my daily routine, sometimes I like to take a little more time to do something a little nicer. It’s always fun to get dressed up for an occasion, and hair should definitely be included! ;-)

“Easier than it looks”. Great tutorial and cute style! I love wearing my hair up in buns or braids off my neck as I get too hot otherwise. This is for medium to longer length hair.

This one is a personal favorite, especially after I’ve done some rag curls in my hair. Yes, I prefer the non-heat method of curling, but that’s just because my hair breaks off like crazy if I use too much heat. (and, fyi, I used this style in a movie I’m making with some friends!)

Learning basic braids is always good.

Of course, simple French braids are awesome, too!

After becoming familiar with braiding, you can start dressing up regular hairstyles!

Last, but most certainly not least, “Twist ‘n Curl”, created by yours truly.

Now, of course, these are just a few of my favorites. And no, they don’t take me forever to do. After you get the hang of them, they really do go very quickly. Because honestly, I don’t tend to have tons of time to spend styling my hair in the morning (nor do I want to!).

You can search youtube for tons of different tutorials. Find someone who you like a lot, follow their channel, and voila. Endless ideas at your fingertips!!  Ooh, and did I mention that Pinterest is a great place to go, too? Here is a link for my ‘hair board’, just in case you want to look. =)

Happy Hairstyling!!

Sarah is a homeschool graduate living on the family ranch outside of Moriarty, NM. Besides raising cows, chickens, horses, etc, she also enjoys art, cooking, writing books, and hanging out with family and friends. You can stop by her blog HERE (that way she doesn’t have to keep writing about herself in 3rd person!)

Thank you, Sarah, for being here today!



  1. Gorgeous Hairstyles! Love it Sarah. ;)

  2. Love the Easy Messy Updo! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  3. Thanks for sharing Sarah! i am definitely in a rut and need to expand my hair choices.


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