Monday, August 4, 2014

In the Spirit of Femininity Announcement!

Hey, y'all! I have a special announcement.

And you'll never guess what. (Okay, just try.... )

For some time now, I've been feeling that the Lord wants me to host a special blog event for young ladies. So I've finally gotten around to organizing one!

In the Spirit of Femininity 
August 18-29

Here is a look at the schedule:

  • August 18 - Shanelle Kent on Hosting the Perfect Tea (+giveaway)
  • August 19 - Alicia Willis and Mary Kay consultant Angela Snyder on Ladylike Makeup (+giveaways).
  • August 20 - Lydia Willis on The Green Thumb: How to Raise a Houseplant
  • August 21 - Various authors (Alicia A. Willis, Anne Mateer, Sarah Holman, Perry Elisabeth, Kelsey Bryant, etc.) on Godly Literature (+giveaways)
  • August 22 - Crystal Willis on In the Kitchen: Easy Recipes 
  • August 25 - Samantha Hartzell and Alicia Willis on Modest Fashion (+giveaway)
  • August 26 - Sonya Piatt on Being the Perfect Hostess
  • August 27 - Various quotes and individuals on Our Brothers in Christ
  • August 28 - Sarah Heckendorn on Crowning Glory: Hair Styles
  • August 29 - Joyce Masoncup on Gift Baskets (+giveaway).

It's all going to be so much fun. We have some great giveaways and fun times planned. So spread the news! Google+ and Facebook official event invitation coming soon.


  1. Sounds awesome, Alicia! Can't wait.

  2. Wow, Alicia! This sounds fantastic. I'm looking forward to it! :)

  3. Sounds delightful, Alicia! I will definitely be reading it.

  4. Thanks for doing this. The topics look really interesting.

  5. What a great idea! Looks like it will be very inspiring!

  6. This looks like great fun...but what exactly is a "Blog Event"?

    1. Instead of a real, come-to event, it's just online. :)

  7. How does that work? Is it just articles then, that we get to read only on those days?

    1. Yes, articles and giveaways on those days.


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