Monday, June 9, 2014

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Books and Bridesmaids

What a crazy and eventful week it has been! 

    On Thursday, I received the proof of From the Dark to the Dawn: A Tale of Ancient Rome. I am so excited. The cover and interior turned out amazing. July 18th can't get here too soon for me! If you haven't seen the trailer yet, click HERE.

    On Friday, we had a fun time with our pastor's family. Lydia and I went over to their house to do pedicures/manicures for the wedding, after which we headed over to the church for the rehearsal. Afterwards, we went to the home of one of the grooms for a BBQ. No pictures to share, but, trust me, it was most enjoyable.

Aaron and Megan, Lacey and Colin's wedding day was beautiful.

Here is one of the darling flower girls with Aaron's father.

Sisters, sisters...

Nathan, Eric (Lacey's brother), and Ryan (Colin's brother).

Sarah, Chloe (Lacey and Megan's sister) and Sierra.

My Isaac darling!


Father of the brides and an old family friend, David.


Blodgett Family.

My eyes are shut, but you get the general idea. Me and Stephen, Lydia and Brian. Stephen is a friend to the grooms and Brian is Aaron's older brother.

Colin's sister Lauren and their friend Eric.

Chloe Piatt and Ryan Pritchett.

Ashleigh Piatt and Michael Pritchett.

Mother and father of the brides.

Maids of Honor!



So cute!

What's with my eyes being closed? I think I must have been concentrating on Sonya and Tricia's beautiful singing! They did a wonderful job on "The Prayer".

First kiss as married couples!

 That's all the photos my Mom and the others got, so there you are. :) Perhaps there will be a way for me to share the official wedding album later. 

HERE is a video of the final ceremony moments.

I'm rather tired from this past week. But it was all wonderful. I'm trying to get my ebook formatted before I (Lord willing) leave for Texas for a short family trip and then Apache Creek to be a church counselor.

How have you been?


  1. I must say that's a great blog title there... :)
    You and your sister make lovely bridesmaids Alicia, and I like the modest and delicate dresses too! I don't remember if you mentioned in a previous post, but were they custom made for you?

    Thanks for sharing the day with us.

    1. Thank you! :) It was quite a struggle to find modest dresses, but the Lord did eventually lead us to an Etsy shop where they did six different styles of the same material. That way, every girl had her preference. They were custom made and Lydia and I did request sleeves. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. That is exciting about your new book! I cannot wait to read it.

    The wedding looks like it was lovely!!!


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