Monday, May 5, 2014


My Life in Android

Interrupting this post to say that I was featured on Suzanne Wooods Fisher's Blog today! Check it out. :)

This is going to be a very random post.

Not much to report from my week, except that I had a very busy church week (I was at church and doing church activities every day but Tuesday and Friday!), I learned how to install my domain name to my website (thank you, Jason McIntire!), and the news all you techies have been waiting for.

I bought a Lennox Android Tablet.

(OK, I realize the very word ANDROID is controversial. I'm a PC and Google girl. My apologies to all of you die-hard Apple fans. Don't be a sour Apple, OK?) ;)

People have been asking me how I like it. Oh, I love it! I have some new clients for mentoring and a second blog-tour is starting, so I am very happy to be able to keep up with it all. Since some of you are considering getting one, here are the selling points for me:

  • Because it's an Android, it automatically syncs all of my Google+, hangouts, messaging, and drive.
  • I think there is a new app for blogger-on-the-go.
  • I can read via my Kindle app! And, unlike a Kindle, I can still have my Nook and Google Play books too. I didn't realize I had been so starved for new literature, but having a dozen books and my Bible all in one place has been great!
  • It updates me to new emails, messages, etc. No needing to go to the actual app to find out!


Call me over-the-top girly, but I bought a hot pink case and keyboard. :)

Now I can type as I proofread. And I will need too. Because...

I am now in full-blown work on From the Dark to the Dawn. With the convention over, I have officially started proofreading and formatting. It's slow work, but enjoyable. From the Dark to the Dawn has a special place in my heart. I'm so grateful to the people who are making it possible.

I have had a wonderful Endorsement Team and Beta Readers. Their assistance is priceless! Thanks to:

Endorsement Team:
Douglas Bond, Daniel Kuhn, John J. Horn, Caitlin Hedgcock, Perry Elisabeth, Jeanne Drennan, Sarah Elizabeth, Sarah Holman, Josiah Jost (not shown yet) and Michael Camp.

Beta Readers:
Crystal Willis and Samuel Jones.

And, to sum it all up, I have FBI finals tonight. Prayers are appreciated! Adios until next time, friends.

Do you have any new gadgets? What's new from your week?


  1. It sounds like a nice tablet! I've been considering getting one but I am too attached to my Dell. I don't know if I'd ever use one. I've heard they come in handy, but I've never figured out if they would come in handy for me.

    Congratulations on getting your website name up! That can be a pain, I know.

    1. I have mostly been using it for reading-on-the-go. :) Thanks - it was a good experience.


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