Monday, May 19, 2014

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Mini-Vacation in OKC!

The interview with Silas "Edwards" Blodgett has been delayed by a few days. Keep your eye out for it! Lord willing, I will post it on Friday!

Last week, we took a very last-minute trip to Oklahoma City for the Southwest Baptist Graduation Preaching Conference and Heartland Bible Baptist College Graduation.

I uploaded albums of the different events and places we went to on Google+ and Facebook. Follow the links to see the full albums. To see the highlights, keep reading! :)

Dad had to work, but the rest of us boarded our 15 passenger van and took the 8 hour ride to OKC.

Graduation and Preaching Conference

Like I said, I took way too many photos to upload them all here, but the preaching conference and graduation were great! Some people from our church attended as well. I think there were between 3-4,000 people there. A lot of awesome singing, a wonderful choir number honoring our country and God, and some amazing preachers.

David and Joellen! Yay Class of 2014!

Sisters, sisters....

Devon Energy Building

We did some sightseeing on Friday before heading home!

50 stories up!

This is WATER! It looks like glass!

Myriad Botanical Gardens

These gardens were gorgeous!

She's slightly cute, I must say...

Beautiful, beautiful!

Sisters, sisters...again!

The men and mom!

Us ladies!

I love duckies!

Children's Garden

Tea for Two...or Three!

So I don't really care for basketball. But this guy is 7.3 tall! Amazing!

Beautiful Blossoms!


Orange trees!

Lydia had too much fun in the tepee! 

Lunch with the wildlife...

I want!!!!


We did a bit of sightseeing in Bricktown.


Monuments. Some amazing history!

Sonic Headquarters!

Our boat...


On the way home, we stopped in Texas to take a few photos of the Passion Memorial.

How was your time last week?

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