Monday, April 21, 2014


Operation Birthday Party

Last week was one busy week - Faith Bible Institute, communion, Wednesday night church and a visit with some old friends, piano teaching on Thursday, and the usual weekend business. We had our Resurrection Cantata at church and had some family time. Coupling all that with my usual marketing work, convention preparations, and proof-reading From the Dark to the Dawn, it's no wonder I caught a cold! :)

And, best of all, Operation Birthday Party was a success!

Lydia and I had been scheming on Mom's surprise birthday party for probably over a month before the actual date. Lydia handled most of the emails and such - I just stressed mentally and helped with preparations on the actual day. ;)

The plan was for Aunt Maellen to take Mom out to the East Mountain Grill, leaving Emily with us under the guise of doing "schoolwork". 

I had a formal event that night, so there was no problem with me dressing up fancy. Lydia dressed up nice, but put an oversized sweater over her blouse. That was pretty humorous! 

About 30 minutes after Mom and Aunt Maellen left, the ladies of the church and grandma started showing up to decorate! Grandma made some fabulous decorations and everyone brought food for the tea.

Beautiful, aren't they?

Waiting around was the hardest part....

Quite the spread, eh?

Me and my lovely grandma!

I was filming, so no photos of Mom walking in!

Lydia read a sweet note, I prayed, and then we ate! 

Games and presents finished off the day! It was the first surprise party we've ever had for Mom, so I am so pleased it worked out well. 

Check out the video!

Also, a quick reminder to not forget about the CAPE Homeschool Convention at Legacy Church! I'll have copies of my books to sign and will be speaking on Friday (3:00-4:00 in Room 102) on publishing your book. I can't wait to see you!

How was your weekend?


  1. That was SOOO much fun! I enjoyed seeing mom's face when she came in!
    Keeping it a secret and making preparations was hard, but so fun!

  2. The party looks so pretty! That is great it turned out so well.

    It sounds like you have been really busy. I hope you get over your cold soon. Those aren't fun.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I hope I do too! I have a three day convention starting tomorrow and I don't want to sound stuffy! :)


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