Monday, March 17, 2014


Purim Weekend

I had a very different post in mind for today, but by special request from a dear reader, I am posting about our weekend instead!

We celebrate Purim every year as a family. We know that we are not saved by works under the law, but we still love celebrating the Jewish feast of Purim! We've come up with some pretty fun traditions, I must say. 

It rained and snowed the night before, which was such a lovely relief! My allergies have been simply hideous, but the moisture wet down the junipers quite nicely! For those of you who don't know what the New Mexico mountainous terrain is like, we have pine and juniper trees. The junipers are literally yellow with pollen right now. Sometimes, we come out to find our white commuter car all yellow. Yuck!

If you take a look at the photo below, you will see one of those infamous pollen-covered trees!

But, back to Purim...

Normally, we make Hamtaschen, but this year decided to just do cupcakes with Esther figurines on top. Lydia is suffering from carpal tunnel and we decided we didn't want to do all of that rolling out this year. So Sarah cut out some fun figurines, and she and Mom decorated chocolate cupcakes with them!

Cute couple, aren't they? And chocolate too, of course!

In All of a Kind Family, they ate chicken soup, fish, and Challah bread for their Sabbath. We took that meal plan and have always made it for Purim.

I made the chicken soup. It takes a little while to make, but it is worth it! I started it the night before by making the well-seasoned stock and cooking the chicken in the crock pot. It's the stock which makes the soup so delicious! The secret ingredient is whole cloves... I also made homemade noodles. :)

Lydia does our Challah bread. I love it! It's so crispy on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside.

Some one enjoyed the cupcakes...

We listened to the Esther story on tape, then we ate our lovely feast, and then we did our play!

 Sarah was Vashdi. I think she was going for the Egyptian look... Honesly, what did the Medo-Persian women look like?

Sarah was Esther last year, so I was Esther this year. Not sure I am cut out to be a queen, however. :)

Who else but Lydia for Haman? We wish we had more guys for the male parts, but oh well! Lydia does a good job.

We think this little guy is one of the Jews in the city. ;)

But he thinks he is the king, I am afraid!

Looking over the script a final time.  

Haman is such a braggart!

I do believe the King was rather irritated when the Queen wouldn't come before him!

The King missed Vashti, so a new queen had to be chosen.

A beauty contest was held. Obvious paraphrase! :) 

A new edict was penned - all must bow to Haman! It seems Mordeci doesn't believe in doing so.

And our little Jewish boy is chewing on his staff...

Must to Haman's chagrin, he is compelled to lead Mordei through the streets in honor.

He goes home with his covered in disgrace and talks with his wife.

All of the Jews are condemned to be executed.

And the rest of the plot involved me, which means I wasn't taking the the photos! And Mom and Dad were watching, which means they aren't in the photos. :(

But you all know the story. Esther stands against the wicked plot of Haman to kill her people, the King executes Haman, and the Jews are saved! We ended the day with the traditional treat baskets and watching the Bible Series Esther movie. (Highly recommended and almost completely Biblical/Historical. Just fast-forward that one scene with the King.) 

And, on a final note about our weekend, we had our usual choir practice, Sunday School, church services, and lunch with Nicholas. A good Lord's Day, as always!

On a little side note....

Rising to the Challenge (The Comrades of Honor Series #3) is in the works! I took a two week break off of writing to get some thinks ready for the CAPE convention and do some much-needed, much-neglected marketing. Now, I am back into writing! It was an enjoyable break, but I am so relieved to be writing again.

Guthrie rose to his feet, angry fervency governing his pace. “This goeth beyond maddening. A thirteen year old lad hath outwitted the minds and skills of hundreds of warriors, myself among them.” His expression became one of the utmost scorn. I must search until I find him. I refuse to demean the power of my sword. The day will not come too soon when his blood is shed. And,” his voice darkened, “I shall not rest until my blade hath drunk its full. I alone must survive as sole heir of Lantenac Castle.”
Copyright 2014 Alicia A. Willis. All Rights Reserved.
How was your weekend? And who do you think Guthrie is? Good guy or bad guy?


  1. That Purim celebration looks like so much fun! Great tradition. :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! BTW- Sarah made a beautiful Vashtie!

  3. That looks like fun! Thanks for sharing. As a family, we've celebrated Purim once (two years ago, I believe), and that was lots of fun. We'll have to do it again though--maybe next year? :)


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