Monday, January 20, 2014

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Winter Fashionista!

The Christmas parties are over. The delights of the first snow, the first kindled fire on the hearth, the first hot chocolate sessions are all over. So is the fun with donning boots and scarves for the first time in the season. The Christmas dresses have been put away.

Every winter, once Christmas is over and the January sniffles and slush come around, I always struggle with attempting to look nice. The wind always kicks up, the little mountainous town I live in turns into a mud hole, and the cold wreaks havoc on my skin.

But I do believe it is important to look feminine and do our best, though I'll grant most of us don't have the time or luxury to look like the wintry belle on the left. :) So I thought I would share some of the little tricks I've been learning along the modest fashion lines. Most don't take very long - they are just a matter of incorporating into our regular, every-day routine. 


It's hard to keep one's hair healthy in winter weather. Here are two products I particularly recommend.


Leave-in-conditioner like Infusiom 23 is wonderful for preventing the frizz caused by cold temperatures and the wind. Sweet Almond Oil keeps hair moisturized and is wonderful for new growth. 

Wear a feminine newsy cap on windy days. It's a great way to keep your hair in place and add that little mark of having tried to go the extra mile.


Put your hair up or half-back. It isn't hard, really. It takes a few tries, and then you've learned a wonderful new way to keep your hair safe (or at least safer!) from the wind.


Uggg. I have t-zone skin, which means I can be breaking out and peeling at the same time. Not fun. But, no matter what your skin type, winter weather is harsh on skin.

My Grandma gave me the Dove Winter Care body wash, and it did wonders for me! I recommend it for wintertime. Also, Bath and Body lotion is very rich in good oils and vitamins, and I've had nothing by the best of success with it for body care.

Whether you wear makeup or not, primer is very good for your facial skin. When your skin is dry or irritated from the wind and cold, primer can help soothe it, besides making your face velvety soft. Quite a few ladies wear primer only because feels so wonderful. The brand above, again compliments of my grandma, is very inexpensive are far as primers go.

Also, make sure to use lotion on your face at least once a day and exfoliate once a week. I use Vaseline on my eyes every night and definitely recommend it, whether winter or summer. It makes your lashes grow, by the way, and hydrates them after mascara.


Now, just because Christmas is over doesn't mean you put away all your scarves and go back to lumpy t-shirts! Keep wearing them. The possibilities are endless and you can dress any simple blouse or shirt up (or down). Have an extra long scarf? Knot the ends and turn it into an infinity scarf. Fasten them with brooches (cheap Walmart ones are nice for scarves!) 

Polyvore Collections:

Now, I like to use Polyvore collections not to shop, but to help me sort through the wardrobe I already have and create new outfits. Just getting some new ideas and fresh color schemes is always great for helping you keep things new - even if the skirt or shirt is ten years old. 


Like the outfits above, but don't want to freeze your legs? Try out leggings under your skirt! They're tight enough to not really make a difference as far as skirt fitting goes and they really do keep you warm! Knee-socks and hose are other options. Personally, I just like to wear my knee-high boots!

Do You Have Any Winter Fashion Or Hair/Skin Care Ideas?

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  1. Right now, I'm going crazy on scarves. :D I figured out that I can make a cute scarf in two days if I knit while doing other things (such as Bible study or while I'm reading my history book). So I've been making tons of scarves! Not only that, but a friend just taught me how to make an absolutely BEAUTIFUL scarf (I don't know what it's called) but it is very quick--mine took me five hours while doing other things--and is very easy. ;) So I've been having a ton of fun with fashion lately. :D


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