Thursday, January 9, 2014


Fiji Bible Project A Success!

When I first heard about the BIMI Fiji Bible Project  from Brother David Snyder almost a year ago, I was so excited! 

An entire country, opening its public school doors to the Bible and requesting that every single student be given a copy of the Word of God? And this was the official request (or command, in some cases) of the Prime Minister?

Wow, what we wouldn't give to see this happening in America!

But the cost - $464,000. Even with Bibles going for only around $2 each, the amount needed to put a Bible into the hand of every single Fiji student is overwhelming. Which is BIMI went ahead and started the project in faith, beginning to distribute Bibles before the money came in. The money still is only around 99% collected and there's been additional cost. 

But the Bibles are scheduled to have been completely delivered by February 2014 - next month! And they're almost there. There is also a general election taking place in Fiji in February 2014. Amazing how God has allowed the timing and circumstances to work so that the Bible can be distributed before then!

Please read the entire story HERE. You will be redirected to the BIMI Fiji Bible Project page. (Start at the bottom of the page and work your way up.) 

Please give a donation if you feel the Lord leading you that way. Thousands of children are getting Bibles, all at the request of their nation's prime minister. Miracles have been happening to ensure that the Bibles are handed out. Storms, funding problems, antagonistic headmasters (teachers), and more has occurred to stop this project, but nothing can. God's Word is going out to a whole new generation!

In closing, I'll share my favorite story of the project. During an open-air distribution of the Bibles, it began to rain and the Hindu principle of school wanted to close the meeting. A young Fijin sitting next to him said, "No, Pastor Brooks will pray and God will stop the rain." Pastor Brooks did pray - and the rain stopped! The Bible team was flagged down immediately afterwards by a group of kids wanting their Bibles signed by the man who stopped the rain. When the team asked the kids what they thought about the whole event, a little girl said, 

"I know now that the Christian God is much more powerful and real because when he prayed for the rain to stop, it stopped. Our gods don't do that."

Information and quotes property of BIMI World, November 2013 edition.


  1. That is awesome news, but then again, our God is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!


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