Monday, January 13, 2014

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December Aftermath!

I finally edited and sorted through all 200 or more photos taken last month! Seriously, December is right up there with June - I think there are more events in those two months than the whole year put together! I didn't capture photos from every event (I don't know how I missed capturing our Christmas dinner and back-to-back services at church!), but here are some from the ones I did!

Oh, and the picture on the left was one of several I experimented with on my hot chocolate! :) Looks yummy, doesn't it?

First Baptist Church of Edgewood Christmas Cantata
"Lord of Glory"

 The morning of the cantata, Nick, Lydia and I had fun experimenting with different shots in our Christmas attire! :)

Would you believe we found both of our dresses at the thrift store for very cheap? 

I guess Nick was really happy to take a photo with me..... ;)

Megan, Gwen, Lydia, and Lacey, preparing for the start.

I had fun with photos of little Sophie!

Little Nick, Gwen, and Lydia.

I'm not entirely sure why two lovely girls insisted on the second photo.

The church, filling up. :)


Pastor, Lacey Piatt, and me.

Cogburn Voice Christmas Recital

My Mom, Sarah, Samuel, and Lydia take voice lessons from an old friend and they had a most delightful voice recital!

I was the accompanist for four or five of the pieces, which was enjoyable. There were a number of duets, trios, solos, and several choir pieces.

Sarah did a beautiful solo and I loved all of Aaron's guitar playing.

 Card Making Day

For my friend Rebecca's birthday, we spent a day making cards together. It was most fun! We made quite an assortment, and I had the chance to play with my Cricut a little more!

Blodgett Christmas Open House

The Blodgett family hosted a lovely open house. We sang quite a few carols, which I was blessed to be the pianist for! Lydia played the violin and also did some back-ground piano solos. It was nice to see several friends in the same place and meet some new folks.

Food and Coffee. I was happy.

This photo is hilarious! Check out everyone's expressions. Kelsey is smiling, Joshua is smiling, I don't really know what Silas is doing, and methinks I was getting a dirty look from one particular new acquaintance!

Fabulous group of young guys!

Two new pianists on the horizon?

Hoppman Christ Recital

Unfortunately, I didn't get very many or very good photos of this event. Some of our west-side friends and acquaintances put on a Christmas recital, and we had fun listening to their many beautiful arrangements, solos, and duets. 

I think Isaac was enjoying the music!

All of the guys in the building got up to sing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" for us ladies.

Hoffmantown Christmas Nativity Play and Musical

I've been going to Hoffmantown's Christmas performances as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, they had a living nativity with real sheep, camels, and the whole manger-scene. My great aunt used to sing in their choir, so I also recall going to see her. Then, for many years, they stopped doing the living nativity and we stopped going. 

Two years ago, we heard about and went to their huge production entitled The Story and absolutely loved it! It was similar to Sight and Sounds Theater on a smaller scale. Unfortunately, they didn't do The Story this year, but did a much smaller Nativity play with a lot of orchestrated Christmas carols instead. One of the gals in my sister's violin quintet was playing in the orchestra and a gentleman whose parents go to our church was singing, so we went and very much enjoyed it.

I do wish our choir was this big! :) But, then, we don't have a choir loft this big.

I liked Zachariah a lot. Such a fascinating scene, with the incense, priestly ministrations, and the angel! And the manger scene with the alternating guy/girl narrators was really nice.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Handel's Messiah this year, but I did make a point of listening to several of the pieces on CD. There is so much truth and Scripture in those beautiful songs!

And, our actual Christmas Day and New Years was fabulous. I'll have to share those photos later on.

What did you do in December?


  1. Hey! I saw my Aunt Debbie and Uncle TJ in one of those pictures! :D

  2. Great post, I enjoyed seeing all the pictures! Sounds like you had a great December.

    Thank you for posting!

    His Princess,

  3. We listened to Handel's Messiah for the past several weeks! We think the performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra is most exquisite:

    Our family had times when we would listen to parts of the Oratorio together nights in a row.

  4. Fun, fun! This has been a busy past month. We did a lot of fun stuff though. =)


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