Monday, December 16, 2013

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'Tis the Season

This is such a special time of the year. There are so many things about the wintry days of 
December that I love. 

White, pure snow. Icicles. Gingerbread. Silver bells. Candles. Cherry Cordial Chocolates. Sleigh-bells. Eggnog. Fireplaces. Peace. Joy. Carols. Even that feeling of power I somehow get when shifting into four-wheel drive...

Bing Crosby crooning about white Christmases on Holiday Inn. An eccentric angel teaching a down-on-his-luck businessman the true meaning of life in It's a Wonderful Life. 

 How about scarves and boots? Or peppermint mochas and hot chocolate?

What about the gingerbread villages and the baking? The peppermint, the chocolate chips, the vanilla?

It's all beautiful, joyous, peaceful. Sweet and sugary, charming and caffeinated. It's loveliness, family, togetherness, and winter radiance all rolled together. The emotions we experience this time of year are memorable, the special concerts and recitals are breathtaking.

But all of those things are the reason for the season. They are a very special and wonderful part of enjoying winter. But they are not the center of the one event we celebrate. 

We celebrate EMMANUEL: God With Us. 

God became a man. He was born to die, to take our sins upon Himself. That is why we celebrate. He is the reason for this beautiful time. 

In this time when men remember peace and joy, let us remember He alone is our peace. He is our joy. And it is because He came we have a reason for life itself. Through Him, we can truly say it's a wonderful life. Let's not lose Jesus in this season of honoring Him!



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