Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Remembering the Alamo: Sneak Peek!

Story copyright of Alicia A. Willis. All Rights Reserved.

With From the Dark to the Dawn complete, I've been leisurely writing on Remembering the Alamo. This is the first time in a long time I've been able to be somewhat casual about a writing deadline and simply enjoy myself. I really am getting spoiled! (Although my new Cricut Expression 2 is not making getting my deadline get done any easier!)

For fun, I'd like to introduce you to two of the characters.

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Mark Seigler is a 21st century youth pastor, serving at Lighthouse Baptist Church. He has a huge heart for the boys in his group. His goal is to train the boys and give them a special vision for Christ and others. Sometimes, however, this can be difficult. Not everyone wants to be taught....

Photograph by Alicia A. Willis

Silas Edwards is your typical 1800's guy. He enjoys his simple life of working in the family wheel and wagon shop. When not busy, he enjoys hunting with his best friend Wes and riding his horse Toya. He definitely has no huge plans beyond settling down and raising a family someday. Or, does God have different plans for him? 

Sneak Peak!

Ok, folks, here is a sneak peak to Remembering the Alamo! Copyright 2013-2014 Alicia A. Willis. All Rights Reserved.

Mark shut the van door with a firm hand. Holding the last suitcase in one hand, he clicked the lock button on his keys. A resounding chirp signified the van was secure for the night.

    He strode into the lobby, glad to escape the humid night air for the cool air conditioning of the hotel. The lady at the desk nodded at him as he walked past. He had only been in and out a dozen times during the last half-hour. They were getting pretty used to nodding at each other by now.

    Thankfully, the two adjoining rooms he had reserved were on the first floor. After walking an eternity down the hall, he stopped. Room 15. Not like he could miss it. The jabber of the boys could be heard from five rooms down.

    It was then he realized he had forgotten his room key. He tapped on the door with his knuckles.

    “Boys, it’s me.”

    There was no response. Inside, all he could hear was rollicking laughter and the blaring sound of the TV.

    He tapped a little louder. “Boys, let me in.”

    No response.

    Mark shifted. Boy, the suitcase was getting heavy. He glanced down, checking the name tag. Stephen. The old professor probably brought an encyclopedia with him.

    “Boys!” Mark resisted the urge to pound on the door. It wouldn't do the cause of Christ any good if he disturbed their hotel neighbors. He tapped again, louder.

    The door swung open. “Mark.” Trevor stood in the doorway, grinning like a mule in a brier patch. “Why didn’t you call? Here, let me take that suitcase.”

Any Thoughts?! Don't forget to mark your calendars for February 23, 2014!


  1. Toya! I love it! I can't wait!!

  2. Love it! Sounds very interesting!

  3. Lovin it! It's cool sounding! especially Toya! :)
    It also could have been the green dragon! :P


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