Monday, November 18, 2013

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Edgewood Times
November 18, 2013 | Editor-in-Chief Alicia A. Willis

                                     Christmas Shopping?

   It is the opinion of this editor that no gift can rival that of a signed copy of a book. The smell of fresh ink and new paper, the crisp feeling of the pages, the overwhelming sense of adventures to come.... Can anyone doubt the worth of such a gift? You're in luck! I have two available copies of In Search of Adventure! Claim today and you will get free shipping + $3.00 off, bringing your total to the awesome deal of only $20. Hurry - quantities are limited!                                                                                                                                                              Miss Alicia Willis has once again created a sweeping and epic tale of heroism, courage, and chivalry in the medieval ages. It's written in the style of classical works such as G.A Henty and Howard Pyle and pays homage to the period by it's historical accuracy. I recommend this book to 12 year olds and up, literary and history buffs, or to a reader who is In Search of Adventure.

What's New In Sewing?

Normally, I think I would forgo a section upon this subject. However, I have to commend the delightful talents of my seamstress.  Ah, yes. Didn't you know I have my own personal seamstress? Take care, dear fellow authors.                                         This happy fortune does not befall all of us.                                                                                                                                                   Sarah Elizabeth Heckendorn is graciously sewing me a delightful dress! I am quite pleased with the material we have obtained. Within some weeks, I shall have my new medieval dress! 

Advertising Opportunity!

I am offering ads in my Little Corners newsletter for whatever product, book, or service you may chance to offer! Only $10 for an entire page of links, descriptions, and product photos. Hurry - your deadline is November 28! Don't miss this opportunity to promote your products for Christmas. Email me or leave a comment below to get more details!

Media Musings

Naturally, I cannot close without expounding upon the progress of my WIP. Praise God, I have successfully completed From the Dark to the Dawn: A Tale of Ancient Rome. I am quite ecstatic, my dear readers, and hope it will be the blessing to you writing it was to me.                                                                                                                                                                              Massacre. Slavery. Darkness.                              Can peace be found in the heart of decadent Rome?                                                                                                    Find out in 2014!                   



  1. Seriously excited about your new book Alicia! Keep us posted! Looking forward to a picture of you and your new dress as well. :-) God Bless your productive and busy week! Hmmm, advertising????Kelsey??Joshua???Yeah!

    1. Thank you! I think Sarah is getting started on it. When it's complete, I'll take photos and maybe even model it for you! :)

  2. Congrats on finishing your book!

  3. You've got some wonderful news here! You must be beside yourself with excitement about having a medieval dress. Photos, please?? : ) And I'm so glad to hear about your newest novel being finished!

    1. I am. Sarah is so sweet to make it for me. I'll be sure to do a post with photos! :) Thank you. I am not sure when it will be published, but I am excited about it. I am getting excited for the release of Remembering the Alamo also.


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