Friday, October 25, 2013

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Trip to Colorado

Last weekend, my family and I set off for Colorado to visit an old family friend. While there, we did a few small excursions on the side.

First, we stopped off at Garden of the Gods. IT. WAS. COLD. Come to think of it, it's kind of offensive to not give credit to the God of the Universe. So they should have named it Creation's Marvel or something to that extent!

Climbing around!


My youngest and oldest brothers.

Celestial Seasonings!

Our tour guide, Nate. 

A whole dress made out of tea bags! And modeled!

First, he had Fast Lane. Then he had Sleep Time Tea.

I love the art gallery. Seeing the original paintings is very fun!

Watching the movie before we go into the factory. 

Yes. Just lovely. Hah!

Our "darling" factory caps. Hah!

I don't think some of us liked it.

Our friend Harry, a WWII veteran. 

We went to Tri-City Baptist Church. Can I say I loved it? :) Big church with some great standards, awesome preaching, lovely choir, wonderful music! Not to mention two pianos and a brass section. And a music leader whose voice sounds like a member of the Pettit Team. :)

BEAUTIFUL building. Love it. And they're still expanding.

TWO pianos!!! Both perfectly in tune, I will add.

This is at some Red Rocks place. Not sure what the proper name was.

Some CCC worker statue. :)

 Denver, in the distance.

Nathan is officially 5.10 (and a half!), as you can see.

Dinosaur bones. Oh yay, oh yay, oh yes. Huzzah. Ok, so it was cold out! :)

What did you do last weekend?

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  1. Great pictures! My family and I visited Garden of the Gods some years ago (I totally agree about the name. All I saw was the glory of the one true God!) and I thought it was so amazing. I would love to go through there again. I believe it was free, wasn't it?
    I'm a fan of Celestial Seasonings tea! (The boxes are so pretty!) I want to visit its center one day.
    Maybe the most interesting thing I did last weekend (besides writing!) was plant bluebonnet seeds, the Texas state flower. : )


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